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The mission of All Kids Can Learn International (AKCLI) is to rescue and care for orphaned and vulnerable children, seeking economic sustainability, to the Glory of God through our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Village of Hope provides orphaned children with quality care, education, Christian discipleship training, vocational training, and employment settings in which to grow and thrive. At Village of Hope in Zambia, these children live in family households with Zambian ‘mothers.’ They attend school, learn basic skills, are discipled as followers of Jesus, and laugh and live in a place of love and caring.

2017 Team Daily Devotions

  • Zambia Devotion: August 18

    Annie Moore
    Moore Family

    While reading this passage of Scripture, think about this question: “Can I get too comfortable in my life?”

     As they were traveling on the road someone said to Him, ‘I will follow You wherever You go!’ Jesus told him, ‘Foxes have dens, and birds of the sky have nests, but the Son of Man has no place to lay His head.’ Then He said to another, ‘Follow Me.’ ‘Lord,’ he said, ‘ first let me go bury my father.’ But He told him, ‘Let the dead bury their own dead, but you go and spread the news of the kingdom of God.’ Luke 9:57-60

    **It might be important to note that “Let me go bury my father,” didn’t mean the man’s father had just died. This was a common expression to say, “Let me wait until I get my inheritance.”

    For both men, a comfortable life threatened to keep them from being able to follow Jesus. As we wrap up our time in Zambia and start traveling home, it is easy to fall back into a comfortable life and let it distract us from a life that is devoted to God. Now this isn’t to say that one must live an uncomfortable life in order to live out God’s call, but it is a reminder to live your day to day life as a disciple of God and to not get caught up in the material things of life on Earth.


    Dear God,
    I ask that you watch over the Zambia team and help get us home safe and sound. We thank you for the time we spent in Zambia and although we may be out of our comfort zones at times, we are reminded that when we follow you our life is safe in your hands and we are filled with your light.

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  • Zion To Zambia Team

    Zion to Zambia 2017 teamIn August 2017, a group of 15 adults from Zion will be traveling to Zambia for two weeks to help build a library for our Global Mission partner, The Village of Hope, in Zambia, Africa. The Village of Hope is an orphanage and school in need of a library. Our goal is to build a library for their pre-K through college students to be ready for the 2018 school year. Meet the Team: Follow the Team on Facebook They will be taking items ... more
  • School of Hope Graduation

    Making cards for VOH graduatesThe first grade 12 class graduated from the School of Hope, our mission partner in Zambia, on November 18. We rejoiced to see what God has done in 8 years at the School of Hope. One of the speakers from the District Education Board remarked about how the entire campus was just bush a few years ago. God is amazing! In a country where only a tiny fraction of students ever complete the 12th grade, here were 30 rural youths filled with ... more
  • A World With No Books

    School of Hope Library SiteHow can students in Zambia learn to read without books to read? How can students in Zambia learn about our world without books to read? How can students in Zambia become world citizens without knowing about the world beyond their villages without books to read? Public (government) schools in Zambia have no books, so of course no libraries. Towns and cities do not have libraries. Most people do not have access to the internet so without books or internet it is impossible to do research, ... more

The Challenges in Zambia

  • Water: We are in the 4th year of the drought. Water levels in the aquifers have gone down and small farmers are running out of water. For the first time in our nine years in Zambia, the temperatures have been consistently running close to 100 degrees. A Zambia farmer just behind us said he is singing the “no water blues.” Although it sounds humorous, it is quite serious. No water means no food; low water means little food. Our 2016 corn harvest was ½ of our 2015 yield. Please pray for our next crop, and that the drought would break soon.
  • Electricity: The government has reinstituted power cuts for 8 to 12 hours a day. This affects many normal business activities, but it effects our drinking water availability and especially limits our ability to irrigate our crops. Our water tanks in the Village have been running dry more frequently. We need to double our storage capacity for domestic water. We are praying for help buying 3 more tanks and tank stands.
  • Fuel: The price of diesel and gas has increased 30% to $5.30 a gallon. Since Zambia has no seaports, all products must be transported by trucks. This causes everything to increase in price, especially products like our agricultural fertilizer that are heavily dependent on petroleum.
  • Cost of Power: Although we have less electricity, we have been told that our price for power will triple. For the Village of Hope and the School of Hope, that means our electric bills will go from $600 a month to $1,800 a month. We are doing everything we can to minimize our use of the electric grid: solar lighting kits for each children’s cottage; solar water pumps for the water supply to our cottages. We are praying for additional solar water pumps.
  • Lot of Mouths to Feed.Hunger: Many people throughout the country will continue to suffer. The 2016 Global Hunger Report ranks Zambia as the third hungriest country on earth for children. It is critical that we continue to grow our crops and continue to provide the 170,000 nutritious meals a year we prepare for our school children and staff.
  • Inflation: According to the Zambian Office of Central Statistics, as of September, the Annual Inflation Rate for food items was 23.4%; non-food items was 14%. This contributes to hunger as food moves beyond the financial reach of many rural Zambians. Please pray that our Zambian business activities are able to help offset these inflationary increases.

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