Celebrating on Sundays

Helping people experience the joy of life in Christ by celebrating on Sundays

Worship at Zion

One part of our mission at Zion Lutheran Church is to witness to the people in our area about God’s great love for them. Our mission statement says it this way, “To share Christ’s word.” The primary way is through our Sunday morning worship services. On Sunday we celebrate God’s word through the spoken word, the message for the day and through the music that is sung. We also share Christ’s word through the words we speak in the service and the passages of scripture that are read.

The work of this initiative is designed to make us as effective as we possibly can be at sharing Christ’s word on Sunday mornings. Celebrating on Sundays is about making our church accessible to those who do not yet attend Zion, making sure everyone knows they are invited to Zion. This initiative is also about making our lobby area a warm, welcoming place for the first-time visitor and the long-time member. It is about making ourselves better at all of the ministries that support worship, like ushering and communion preparation. All those ministries that support our worship services. Everything that happens on Sunday morning either makes us more effective or less effective at sharing Christ’s word.

  • Joy in Welcoming

    Going to church and celebrating Christ on Sundays provides me the opportunity and the inspiration to get my week started on the right foot, spiritually and mentally speakingJosie grew up in Delano, the 4th of six kids. She was baptized and confirmed at Mount Olive Lutheran in Delano, and attended school at Mount Olive from kindergarten through 8th grade before going to public high school in Delano. I will be eternally grateful to my parents for the opportunity to have God’s Word deeply woven into my daily life. Not only because they provided us the opportunity to learn about Jesus in our daily school life, but because they also lived a life in God’s light and guided all ... more
  • Our Church Home

    KarieKarie grew up attending St Paul’s Lutheran, a WELS congregation and school in New Ulm, MN, and also attended Minnesota Valley Lutheran High School in New Ulm. Her faith journey was greatly impacted by her high school youth group minister. He showed me that church is a great guide for life but it is also a great place to come to enjoy life and friends.  He helped create an atmosphere for me of a place I can always go, and planted the knowledge that it is OK to hang out at church, ... more
  • New Again

    Pastor Luke SchmidtDo you ever wish that you could “un-know” something? I’m not talking about merely forgetting it or pretending it never happened, but really and truly having it wiped completely from your memory. In certain cases, I can see how this would be a gift. For example, when I was in college I realized that if I started dating someone, it could possibly be the person I would end up marrying. Being the forward thinker I am and also determining that I wouldn’t sabotage my ‘tall’ genes with a short future ... more
Sharing is Outreach
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