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Creative Daycamp for Girls

Since Zion has been a “test-site” for this ministry (2015 was the first summer Soul Sisterhood began doing day camps), we continue to work to make it the best it can be!

Little Sister Day Camp is designed for girls and takes place 3-4 half-days (with before/after care available). Dates will be announced in the spring and registration will open in March each year. This awesome day camp brings all the creativity, arts, crafts, food, fun, and faith of Soul Sisterhood sleep-away camp on-site to Zion with age-appropriate crafts, time in the kitchen and curriculum adapted for the specific needs of young girls.

Tuesday, August 15, 9:00 am

Soul Sisterhood Retreat - Fellowship Hall

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Soul Sisterhood
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Save the dates… each year the Soul Sisterhood Retreat is tweaked to make sure it’s the best fit for Zion! This year, Soul Sisterhood will return to a day-long camp (9am–3pm) for 40 girls total. For this reason, Zion members and attenders have preference registering from March 19 to April 9, and then registration is opened up to the community and friends from outside Zion April 10 to July 16 (or when filled).

Here is the important info you need to know for this summer:
  • When: August 15-17, 9 am–3 pm (all day this year instead of half-day)
  • Who: Girls currently in grades 2-4 (9th grade girls and older are invited to volunteer)
  • Cost: $80/participant (scholarships available on a needs basis)
Middle/high school girls are encouraged to contact Kirsten about volunteer opportunities. We hope you will join us for a week of affirmation, creativity, faith formation, food, and girl time! The program will be led by Soul Sisterhood staff and assisted by Zion volunteers.

  • Soul Sisterhood Staff

    I'm excited to work with a different age group through Soul Sisterhood even though it was hard leaving ZDC and all the awesome staff and kids, but I'm excited to see what God has in store for me!Brianna is a member of Zion and was Zion’s Summer Intern in 2015. This Summer she is working with the Soul Sisterhood organization, including their visit to Zion July 25-28. I’m so excited to be a counselor at Soul Sisterhood this year and start a new journey working to empower and guide young women in their faith. I worked with the founder of Soul Sisterhood, Amanda Berger, last year when Soul Sisterhood came to Zion for a three-day day camp. The ... more

Soul Sisterhood is a ministry of St. Philip the Deacon Lutheran Church, providing opportunities for pre-teen and teen girls to get creative, be affirmed, and nurture their faith in God.  The program inspires young women to learn new skills, discover new passions, make new friends and build confidence through trying and creating–all in a Christ-centered, supportive environment.

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