Historical Tour

Knowledgeable tour guides will be available at several locations on Saturday, August 13, from 10am to 1:30pm. Guided tours will begin on the half hour at the following locations:

1. Zion Lutheran Church

1200 Highway 25 South [Google map]

This is Zion’s current building, constructed in 1989, with an addition in 2004.

2. Zion Cemetery

Intersection of Highway 25 South and 10th St SE (1.3 miles south of Zion)  [Google map]

This is the location of the first two Carlslund Lutheran Church buildings (1870s and 1887), and the location of Zion’s current cemetery.

3. Swedesburg Lutheran Church

Intersection of County Rd 9 (Dempsey Ave) and 25th St SW  [Google map]

This is the location of the Swedesburg Lutheran Church (also known as Marysville Lutheran Church), constructed 1891-1893.

4. Marysville/Swedesburg Cemetery

25th St SW (0.3 mile behind Swedesburg Church)  [Google map]

This is the location of the first Swedesburg building (1870), and is the location of the Marysville Cemetery.

5. Buffalo Covenant Church

1601 Highway 25 North (note that part of  Highway 25 is closed for construction) [Google map]

6. Buffalo Community Assembly of God

206 2nd Ave NE  [Google map]

Carlslund Lutheran Church built their 3rd building at this location in 1900. The current building was constructed in 1951 and sold to the Buffalo Community Assembly of God congregation in 1988.

7. Buffalo Presbyterian Church

507 County Rd 134 NE (note that the intersection of County Rd 134 and County Rd 35 is closed for construction)  [Google map]

8. Spirit of Joy

3477 10th St NE (County Rd 34) [Google map]

This location was a late addition and is not included on graphics or many of the printed maps.


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