Look at That Carpeting!

Company is Coming in August! Yikes!

The green Sanctuary carpet and matching pew cushions are original from when the church was built in 1989, and they are ready to be replaced. Zion’s Memorial Committee would like to complete the carpeting project in time for the company that is coming for the 150th Anniversary Weekend in August and encourages memorial gifts to be designated toward this purpose.

Recent Memorial Committee projects have included the digital highway sign and remodeling of the kitchen, and it seems fitting to lift up a project to refresh the sanctuary and make the whole space seem new again this year as Zion celebrates 150 years of ministry.

There is no money allocated for this project in the 2016 church budget, which means that only dollars given for this specific purpose will pay for this project. The project will begin as soon as the necessary designated dollars are in the Memorial Fund. To make a gift toward this project in memory of or in honor of a loved one:

  • Use a pew envelope and write “Sanctuary Carpeting” in the space next to “Memorial”
  • Give online and select “Sanctuary Carpeting” in the second box on the contribution page.

At the conclusion of this project, the Memorial Committee will produce a brochure identifying all those in whose memory or honor gifts were given.

Memorial gifts may also be designated for other projects or given as “undesignated,” allowing the Memorial Committee to decide how they can best be used.

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