News from Zambia

Sue in the newly constructed milking facility at Villages of Hope

As I write this note, it is our final day in Africa. We are thankful for a rich and rewarding experience. Sue and I approached this trip with an open mind. We set goals but knew that our expectations for results in Africa might have been unrealistic.

Surprisingly, we have been blessed with results to go along with our good intentions. We spent the first week and a half in the Villages of Hope researching local farms and identifying “experts.” After attempting to sort the grain from the chaff, we drew up plans for the milking shed, purchased building materials from Lusaka, and began construction. No time for second guessing yourself.

By the time we had to leave Villages of Hope, the design had been transformed from paper to reality. Waesey, our carpenter, fashioned hinges for the gates out of scrap metal and set the wood stanchions in place. The concrete floor was to be poured the following week and everything was ready except the roof. A roof can wait in Zambia weather. The five cows and three calves are ready to check out their new home.

We spent the final day training the staff in proper milking techniques. It is amazing to see what God can accomplish when people of faith share a common purpose. It has been another faith-growing experience for us as we return to our “normal” lives in the States.

Thank you for your tremendous support of prayers and finances. None of this could have happened without you.


Dave and Sue Wright

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