Terrence pictured as a child, and recently

A Faith Journey in the African Bush

All Kids Can Learn International (AKCLI) /The Village of Hope is our Zion mission partner in Zambia Africa. The Village of Hope rescues and raises orphans and Terrance is one of their children.

God has truly changed Terrence’s life from his childhood of poverty and hunger and not knowing what his life would be, to a new life in a place where he has hope for a future. Terrance came to the Village of Hope when he was six years old.

Both of my parents had died and no family member was able to take care of me. I love being around the Village of Hope family here. I like to make new friends. And I like to do agriculture.

Terrence didn’t go to church before coming to the Village.

I didn’t know any church or pastor. The moment I came I was afraid. But I was welcomed so nicely, especially by another boy, Francis, and it made me feel like I was home and safe.

The words of Romans 8:28 help Terrance stand strong:

”And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”

When I’m doubting whatever is happening, this verse helps me know that God knows what is best. I realize that even though I try to push things, he knows what is best.

His favorite worship songs are “Amazing Grace”, “All to Jesus I Surrender,” and “Multiplied.”

“Amazing Grace” helps keep me on track when I realize what God has done. I need to surrender to him rather than wanting things of my own. My life is not my own. I have learned what it means­­ to surrender. In “Multiplied” it says that we are to “surrender to his design”. We need to do this and be an instrument for God.

Over the years growing up in the Village, Terrance has been involved in Alpha (an international Faith outreach program), Set Apart (a youth mentoring program), choir, and preaching.

After graduating from Grade 12 at School of Hope, Terrance attended a two-year program at Bible College, and is now back living near the village and working in the ministry.

The more I continue being part of this place I have more zeal with like-minded people. It helps me know how good and fun it is to share our faith and work together. I have been able to preach at our church. It has helped me to find myself and to discover what I do best and what my calling is.

Now I have something to take back to my extended family. They respect the young man I’ve become. They are excited to see me when I visit them after a long time. They want to come and see who this new person is. This makes it easy to share the gospel with them.

When I see people helping people who are homeless get a home, I see God at work. In nature I see God at work. When hopeless people find hope, I see God at work.

Village of Hope is important because it is rescuing people from poverty. It not only helps children, but also the workers. It helps the families. One worker helps many family members. Village of Hope is making this possible. The Village makes you feel like you are home and safe – my family. I’ve always felt that all I need is here – friends, family, parents, love and care. It is heaven on earth to many people.

I help mentor my brothers and sisters (at The Village of Hope) through being a good role model. I believe that we are Jesus with skin on. I want my life to represent Jesus. I want to be a good role model. Maybe others will have courage to ask me and I would be able to share. I spend time talking to them one on one. My long term goal is to have a place where I have people come, and I am able to help teens.

I also help in the agriculture sector where I’m learning more about agriculture and how to do agriculture. I want to learn more about “Farming God’s Way” and then help to teach others about this. Agriculture is very important, especially here in Zambia. No one lives without agriculture. Here, if you don’t have income, you can still do agriculture to feed your family. In addition, you can sell things you grow to help your family make sure life is manageable.

Terrence hopes that the Village of Hope will rescue a high number of vulnerable children and that God will make it exist as long as He wants.

I hope it is for many, many years.

The Village of Hope

Zambia has been classified as being the most orphaned country in the world. There are over 1.6 million orphans in Zambia. Many of these children have lost both of their parents to the HIV/AIDS crisis; they have no one to care for them, no one to educate them and no one to prepare them for their future. Villages of Hope, AKCLI is dedicated to sharing God’s love by rescuing and nurturing orphans and vulnerable children in Zambia. They provide essential needs such as food, shelter and healthcare; however, they also provide the children at the Village of Hope with an exceptional education, and give them hands on experience and knowledge to better care for themselves in years to come.

The Villages of Hope is unique in that it is dedicated to becoming financially sustainable by starting and managing medium size businesses to support its village in Zambia. The model is intended to designate the funds brought in from donors towards the expansion of the village and its school.

Zion has partnered with the Village of Hope for several years, during which multiple individuals and mission teams have traveled to serve in Zambia.

Village of Hope Website

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