A Fresh Start

Pastor Ted

He is not here, He has risen.   
Luke 24:5

People who can take junk and turn it into something are an intriguing bunch of people to me. In the “country church” I served right out of seminary, there was a dinosaur along the road. Well it wasn’t exactly a dinosaur; it was an old, old combine. Someone had welded a few pieces of scrap metal and attached other things to it to make it look like a dinosaur. To many it would have remained a pile of junk, but in the hands of that farmer, it became materials for a masterpiece.

Soon all of us will find ourselves intrigued by one of that rare breed. We will soon be observing the Friday we call “good.” It is a day when God took something that seemed broken and damaged, useless and hopeless, and turned it into a masterpiece. On that day, God watched a world out of control ready to throw away his gift to them, a savior. As they lined the streets, they yelled for Jesus’ death, “Crucify Him. Crucify Him.” They no longer saw him as the great teacher, healer and leader. They just wanted to get rid of him, like a pile of junk.

As you prepare for Holy Week, Good Friday, and Easter, remember those three crosses on the hill called Golgotha. Remember it was sin that killed Jesus that day. The sin of those present that day, but yours and mine as well. Jesus suffered a horrible and cruel death. It was real pain, real blood, real thorns, and a real spear. It was real nails that pierced his hands and real tears that flowed down his cheeks.

But God took an ugly and tragic death, something so broken and useless that there seemed to be no hope, and made it “good.” Let me tell you that God is still doing that today. God is taking people’s broken lives and remaking them into something good. In fact you and I have people all around us that are waiting, hoping for God to do just that. There are many people looking to reconnect with God, looking for forgiveness, looking for a fresh start, looking for a church home.

Holy Week is a perfect time to invite someone to worship.

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