A Great Big Push

Dave serves on the Zion Church Council as a way of helping himself and others grow in their faith.

These past 2 years have been very eventful and quite an interesting time for Dave. He and his wife, Merrilyn, built and moved into a new home, joined Zion Church, Dave was elected to Zion’s Church Council, and they decided to spend their 30th wedding anniversary on a Mission trip to Jamaica.

Dave works at Acosta in Eden Prairie as a Business Account Manager in wholesale food sales. Merrilyn has worked for Byerly’s for over 28 years, and currently is the FoodE Expert at the Byerly’s in Maple Grove. They have three grown children and three grand-children; daughter Jill; son Greg & wife Shehla, grand-daughter Riley, grand-sons Jack and Ben; daughter Lisa & husband P.J.

Dave & Merrilyn had a seasonal cabin on Lake Pulaski. They visited Zion often and found it to be a very welcoming church with a sense of community belonging. They built a new home where the cabin had been, and moved into it in 2012. They became members of Zion in February 2013.

Dave enjoys boating, fishing with the grandchildren, and entertaining family & friends. He also serves on the Board of Directors for the Lake Pulaski Improvement District.

I am a Green Bay Packers Shareholder, and while I don’t really bleed green & gold, I do ardently support my team!  

Dave started getting involved at Zion by serving as a Sunday Host and helping with some Social Ministry events. He found them to be personally enjoyable and a wonderful way to help others in need in our community.

There are a lot of great things happening at Zion.

Dave and Merrilyn found the Mission Jamaica Trip to be a uniquely rewarding experience.

She helped with the Medical Clinic Team and I helped build a Jamaican “abode.” I didn’t think I had the skills to do this, but while standing on a scaffold along with Pastor Ted, I discovered that I was being pushed along by the encouraging support of the other team members and that I actually could accomplish the needed carpentry tasks.

While in Jamaica in February of this year, the Winter Olympics was underway, and the original Jamaican bobsled was on display at the airport.

As I imagined myself piloting that bobsled down the steep course, it struck me that everything, and everyone, it seems – needs a great big push at some time! There is no doubt the hand of God was guiding me – and you might even say – pushing me along on this journey!  

Dave encourages others to allow themselves to be pushed into some sort of volunteer work, or committee service within Zion and the surrounding community.

I know they will feel the same as I do, that the experiences are richly rewarding, truly satisfying, and almost as much fun as sailing down an Olympic bobsled course – really “goose-bump” stuff!

Photo by Anita Bazan

Dave served on Zion’s Church Council from 2017-2019