A New Side

Aaron has attended Zion his whole life.

I was baptized in the church as it was where my grandparents attended, and my grandma even worked in the office until she retired.

Growing up I went to Sunday school every week, and attended VBS and ZDC. For a few years I was in the children’s choirs at Zion, and also played handbells beginning in 4th grade.

I was in the Christmas program for a few years, and it was a lot of fun, and it also taught me a lot about the Christmas story.

I was confirmed at Zion during middle school. During middle and high school I volunteered at VBS and helped out with smaller tasks at Harvest of Hands, Sunday School, and sometimes Sunday morning services.

Aaron is one of two college students who have worked as summer video techs, preparing and displaying visuals for worship services.

I got started when Sherilyn asked me to sub in Trinity Hall on Easter Sunday. Then she offered the position for the summer when more help was needed. It has shown me a new side of the services at Zion and I feel like I am much more involved with them. It may not always be the most exciting job, but it is very important to the way the modern services are run.

Zion is a place where people not only commune to learn more about God and our faith, but also to grow stronger as a community. Zion is a fairly inclusive place that welcomes all guests and visitors with open arms.

My hope is fueled when I see people treating others, regardless of who they are, what they look like, where they come from, etc. with the same love, respect, kindness, and openness as Jesus would.

Aaron will be beginning his second year at the University of Minnesota, Morris, studying communications. When he’s not at school, he lives with his parents, brother Josh, grandfather, and grandmother. They have a dog, Sadie, and a cat, Tuk.

Serve as a Video Tech