A Place of Peace

After years of feeling somewhat tested, as a family, by health concerns, long unemployment and the kind of personal struggles that people often deal with but no one wants to admit, Zion council member, Heather, and her family, has found a place of peace in Buffalo and at Zion.

Heather and Craig have been married for almost 11 years and have two active boys, Braden (9 years old) and Seaver (5 years old), both students at Northwinds. The family moved to the Montrose area from St. Louis Park when Braden was a toddler.

We wanted him to have a yard to run in the way Craig and I each had growing up.  Once Seaver was born and the kid activities started, we knew being closer to or in Buffalo was a must, and were blessed to move last summer to a home that fits our family, a yard that fits our activity and a neighborhood that fits our values.  Buffalo is such a great community…there are so many opportunities for families and for young people.  There is always something to do or be a part of.

The Moseleys have become a lacrosse family. Braden plays for the Buffalo Youth Lacrosse club U9 team and has become an aspiring goalie.  Craig coaches and is the Vice President of the Club, and Heather has helped with the marketing for the club.

I didn’t know a thing about the sport until last summer and am now fully entrenched. I love getting out in the backyard with our sticks and a ball and playing with the boys (who don’t take it easy on mom) or firing the ball at Braden while he practices in net.  Cheering on the sidelines of the games is awesome though I tend to be the mom that should probably just bite my tongue (not a strength of mine). 

For years, Heather worked to climb the corporate ladder in marketing.

I have fallen off the rungs a time or two and get back on and continue to climb.  The climb can be filled with pride of accomplishment and the experiences, good and bad, along the way are what have helped to mold me as the person I am today.  I have always had a nagging in my heart to go after what is more fulfilling to me but tend to ignore the nagging due to fear of being outside the corporate walls.  My corporate life has been driven by products and companies that the bring delight to the lives of others.  Though is very fulfilling, I am personally driven by “filling the buckets of others” through a simple smile, a great conversation, showing true compassion and being able to do or give in order to better the life of others.  

In the past year, Heather has put the wheels in motion to leave the corporate world, and now works with people to achieve their goals through Rodan + Fields® Dermatologists.

This business venture took me far out of my comfort zone but in the process has changed me in a positive way and allowed me to be there for people I may otherwise not been able to be there for.  I am also turning my love for being active and fit and setting that example for others into a “career”.  

Heather was raised Missouri Synod Lutheran but struggled with that denomination’s beliefs regarding communion. Craig was raised in an ELCA Lutheran congregation in Western North Dakota.

Early in our dating, I was on a mission of finding a church home.  We both lived in the metro area and Craig helped to guide me in my research of churches via elca.org.  

After years of searching, they settled on a church that soon became their home church, and the place where Braden was baptized. When they moved out to the Buffalo area, finding a church to call home was very important and they visited several in the area.

The first time we attended worship at Zion, we instantly knew this would be our home church.  We were so impressed by the energy of the congregation and how welcoming everyone was.  I remember being in awe of the youth involvement and, having been raised in a church that I found to be less than engaging as a youth, this was very important to me as a mom. The pride it brings to me to say “I am a member of Zion” is huge!   

Serving on Zion’s council is not something that Heather ever considered prior to getting the call from the nomination committee.

Once I got the call, though, I couldn’t shake the idea.  It seemed daunting at first but I quickly realized that it is not daunting at all.  We have an amazing group of people on our council who are dedicated to the needs of our church, congregation and community.  

Heather loves being part of strategic plans for growth and bettering Zion, as well as the opportunities as a council member to get to know others in the congregation.

There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes to keep our church going smoothly that people don’t always know.   Counting the offerings on Sunday mornings is a serious job!

Because youth involvement is so important to Heather, she loves anything that has to do with child and youth ministries.

The work that goes into planning and executing the programs that we provide at Zion for our young people is incredible and the people who step up and volunteer and support are equally incredible.  When I tell people that we had 360 children attend VBS this year, they always think I am exaggerating.  All you have to do is look into the eyes of our excited children as they attend Sunday School, VBS or any of the other amazing offerings and you can see God’s immeasurable love looking right back at you. 

This past school year, Heather co-taught a Sunday school class of seven 5-year-old boys with Jana Jordan.

Teaching a room of very active, very loud 4 and 5 year old boys is not an easy task!  They don’t want to sit for an hour, they don’t want to listen to you and sometimes they don’t want to do the activities … they want to run around and be loud! I decided early on in the year that when we were in the room the door would be shut and I would encourage them to be loud.  I needed them the listen but I asked them to SHOUT the answers.  We would act out the story and sometimes we would skip around the table while I read the bible lesson.  I hoped and prayed each week that at least one small part of the lesson would sink in.  

I realized how precious our moments with these young kids are and that a smile, a side hug, a high five and telling them that they are so important to me and to Jesus goes a very long way.  We can see horrible things when we flip on the news or read a newspaper but then you walk through the doors of Zion and see God’s miracles all around us and wanting to learn more…it puts it all into perspective as to the impact we can have on our world right here in our own church.

The last day of Sunday School, I realized how much they really did process and remember. We were playing Jeopardy with all of the other Sunday School classes, and my young and very energetic boys were nailing the questions!  I was literally in tears, I was so proud of them!  At that moment, I felt like I was the mom of each of these guys and that I was doing an “OK” job of teaching! 

Heather hopes to keep children’s and family ministries and youth involvement growing at Zion.

Zion’s future is so bright. We have young people who are proud of their involvement at Zion and their love for Christ and they are out in our community showing it.  We have an older generation that also sees and embraces our young people’s desire to be the hand and feet of God and encourage this through their involvement to help support and teach.  When you see generations working side by side in our church and community, how can you not see how great God is and the power of his love? 

With God’s help and  through much prayer, the Moseleys have endured, and are thankful for their blessings each day.

Heather’s council term ended in 2015