A Place to Ask Questions

Cindi started attending Zion because it is an ELCA church, just like United in Christ Lutheran Church where she grew up in Eveleth, MN, and because her aunt, Kristi, was already a member here.

I was very active in the youth program at United in Christ, and attended many TEC (Teens Encounter Christ) weekends, including being a member of the music team and a co-director. My favorite church memory has been watching my own children sing and dance and praise God, as I did (and still do!).

Since Cindi has been at Zion, her sister, Luanne, and mother, Barb, have also joined Zion.

Zion is a place where all are welcomed.

Cindi is married to Zach, and their three children are Aaden, Acacia, and Austin. She is a 2nd grade teacher, entering her 16th year of teaching. She loves to read and travel, especially to Disney, and was able to take a quick trip to London and Paris with Zach this summer.

Cindi has taught Sunday school at Zion on and off for six years.

I got involved teaching Sunday school because teachers were needed. Kids need a place to ask questions, to hear God’s word, to sing and praise. We give them a safe spot to do that. I’m lucky to be able to share the responsibility with a co-teacher, which makes it easy to do! Having to answer questions of my 9-year-old makes me really think and justify why we believe what we do.

Cindi finds hope in knowing that although we may not be promised tomorrow, God is always there, even in our darkest times.

I see God everywhere- from saying hello, to holding doors, to simple smiles. Just be kind! 1 Corinthians 13:4 is very special to me, I have to remind myself to be patient on a daily basis:

Love is patient; love is kind; love is not envious or boastful or arrogant.

Volunteer in Sunday school