A Real Celebration!

Pastor Ted

“He is not here, he has risen.”Luke 24:5

For many things in life, imitations will do.

I recently bought a knock-off table saw. This saw was on sale and very inexpensive. I couldn’t believe the price. It is a brand I had never heard of before, a cheap imitation of better saws. This saw will perform some basic tasks just fine such as a simple cross cut, bevel cut or compound miter cut. It has the necessary safety features – guards around the blade to make sure I don’t cut off a finger, shields to prevent pieces of wood from flying back into my face, an emergency shut off button – important features like these. I will not be doing any major project but rather simple stuff like bluebird houses, a workbench, maybe a planter or something. It isn’t the gold standard of table saws, because for me an imitation will do.

But not when it comes to a savior! There is only one. There is only one who can wash away your sins. There is only one who died on the cross for me. There is only one who can forgive us in heaven’s records. There is only one.

With the Savior, there is no more striving on my own to find God’s favor. No more attempts to make myself good enough for God. No more games making other people think I am religious. No more trying to be religious. No more running. No more hiding. No more faking it. We don’t have to!
We have been forgiven in Christ. What Christ the savior has done is enough. His death is our death. His descent into hell is ours. His resurrection is our resurrection. By the grace of God, we are made righteous. Because of God’s love, we are no longer enemies of God but friends. In baptism, the promise of the Savior comes to us in the water, “You are Mine.” In communion, the promise of the Savior comes in the bread and wine, “I am yours.”

Imitation will do for many things in life. But a savior? There is only one. Nothing else will do.

Join us for worship on Easter Sunday as we gather to celebrate the Savior. Bring a friend or neighbor to one of our five worship services. Come, celebrate the Savior – yours and mine.

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