To Africa and Back 2017

Zambia Art Project

15 Amazing Days for 15 Ordinary People

The Zion Buffalo Mission Zambia team came home on August 19 with smiling faces, warm hearts, many wonderful memories, experiences they will never forget, and new friendships with adults and children.

10 Highlights

  • Working alongside Zambians, laying bricks, sewing curtains, making chairs, painting houses, working with teachers, and all the while getting to know one another
  • Listening to the Zambian National anthem sung by the School of Hope primary grades at the start of the school day in four different languages
  • Bringing suitcases of supplies for the Village and also teacher bags full of items for the School of Hope teachers
  • Sharing music with the children of the Village of Hope and feeling inspired by the music team at Sunday morning worship
  • Working together on a collaborative art piece to help the children of the Village create a work of art for the new library. As you can see from the portion pictured, the result is amazing! [here’s the whole thing]
  • Rachel’s fabulous meals and sharing around the table the highlights of the day
  • Reading devotions each day, knowing many people were reading the same words back home, thus feeling loved and supported
  • Spending time at night in the kid’s cottages, reading, playing games, sharing devotions, coloring, and putting puzzles together. For many of the team, it was the highlight of the visit
  • Seeing the wonders of Africa on safari and at Victoria Falls before heading home
  • Witnessing how God has truly guided Benedict & Kathleen in their mission work of building the Village of Hope and reminding all of us of the true joy of human relationships and the connection we have in our common faith in God

Trip Photos

As we move forward in mission with our partner, All Kids Can Learn International, please remember to pray and support their efforts on God’s behalf in Zambia, Africa.