Annual Meeting 2017

Annual Meeting 2017

At the 2017 annual meeting the following were elected

  • Church Council: Jason Halvorson, Lora Nichols, Dale Schmidt, Teresa Sorenson (each 3 years), Dirk Foster (2 years)
  • Nominating Committee: Karie Bruder, Nancy Dehmer, Nicole Giddings, Del Haag, Tom Moline, Karen Pearson, Terry Peterson
  • Zion Foundation: Rick Dehmer, Joan Ilstrup
  • Minneapolis Area Synod Voting Members: Mark Davidson, John Lindleif, Warren Myhre, Carol Nusbaum, Diane Paulu (adults), Kaylee Olson (youth)

All motions that were included in the agenda passed.

Meeting Packet


A. Call to Order

—1) Opening Prayer

—2) Quorum

B. Continuing Resolutions

C. Elections (see position descriptions below)

—1) Philosophy of Elections Statement

—2) Biographies of Candidates (white C2)

—3) Sample Ballot (gold C3)

—4) Official Ballot (lime green) will be distributed separately at the meeting

——i) Church Council

——ii) Nominating Committee

——iii) Zion Foundation Trustee

——iv) Minneapolis Area Synod Voting Members

D. Financial Report

E. 2018 Budget

—1) Social Ministries Financial Report (light blue E1)

—2) Global Missions Financial Report (pink E2)

—3) Approval of the 2018 Budget (light green E3)

F. Visioning Process

—1) Visioning for 2025 (lavender F1)

G. Approval of Constitutional Revisions

—1) Constitutional Revisions (white G1)

H. Reports

—1) Land Use Task Force

I. Closing Comments and Announcements

J. Benediction and Adjournment