Are You a Toe Dipper?


I’ve never been the type to run the full length of the dock and cannon ball into the water.

I’m a toe dipper. Ankles, thighs, arms, neck and ahhh … I’m finally in the water. I love the water every bit as much as the cannon baller, but I prefer to acclimate slowly. This is the same approach I took when joining the Women’s Ministry Committee at Zion. First, I attended their Spring Brunch. I couldn’t believe how well planned and beautiful the venue was. I felt welcomed, relaxed, and a little spoiled by the morning’s event. The next year I invited my sisters-in-law, and again felt so blessed by the day. Next, I volunteered to help with the decorating for the following year’s brunch. This meant I had to attend a meeting (now I was in waist deep). I was impressed with the positive leadership of the group, and the “get er done” attitude of these dedicated women. I was now ready to plunge in. The water felt fine, and I found a group that continues to bless me as we serve others. Five years later I still feel encouraged every month we gather together. We have seen how God has worked through us, and although we are a highly organized group, He always takes us on the path He intends.

Our mission statement is as follows: Zion’s Women’s Ministry seeks to compassionately engage all women through fellowship, service, and study, to encourage and strengthen faith.

Here are some ways you can dip your toe into this ministry:

  • Women’s Brunch May 2nd 9-12:30. This event includes a speaker, lunch, and a relaxing morning of faith filled-fellowship. Men welcomed to be waiters at the event.
  • Summer Bible study meetings in June, July August.
  • Women’s retreat planning.
  • Sunday morning coffee fellowship in the month of October.
  • Gift bag packing and distributing to homebound members.
  • Cookie bake sale in December.
  • St. Lucia dinner in December; a Swedish celebration with dinner and program.

Feel free to contact me at if you would like more information on this ministry. Toe dippers and cannonballers are all welcome.

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