Ask, Thank, Tell


Greetings from the Zion Stewardship Committee! How great it is to be back worshiping in person again. For those who remain financially able in these trying times, we ask that you please remember Zion. Donations can be made by mail and/or electronically.

More Giving Information

For this month’s topic we have selected to write, “About the Stewardship Committee.”

The purpose is twofold:

  • First, it’s beneficial for any who might not be familiar with what we do;
  • and Second, we are always looking for more members to join our group and maybe this will pique some interest.

The Stewardship Committee meets once monthly, approximately 11 months of the year. As the name implies, we promote stewardship, both financial and service-oriented efforts. The Stewardship Committee is focused on three basic activities: Ask, Thank, and Tell.

  • Our main “Ask” activity for the year is the Fall Stewardship Emphasis. There is a lot of preparation leading up to this: generating the information for the packets, assembling them, and distributing them to the congregation.
  • The “Thank” activity is something we do year around, and we can always do this more. Thank you for your support of Zion, your donations, time and service are what make all of our ministries and activities possible!
  • The “Tell” activity is also something we do year around. Tell of all the great things going on at Zion and what we as a congregation doing in the service of our Lord.

Learn more about the Stewardship Committee

We meet at 5:30 on the third Tuesday of each month (except July). Hope to see you there.