Be A Blessing


Hopefully this Lenten Season is giving you the chance to reflect and refocus on what matters to you most in your daily Christian living. Maybe you rediscovered or found new energy to pursue a passion previously left unattended. Maybe you were able to identify more clearly the relationships in your life that are most gratifying and deserve your greatest attention. Maybe you identified the faith practices that need to be a part of your daily fabric that allow you to best be a blessing to others. We get to make all sorts of choices about how we spend our time; who we spend that time with; what sort of impact will our presence have on the others we encounter in our lives. Exciting stuff!

If Connecting with Care seems to be a passion or peaks your curiosity then read on. Our Congregational Care Team currently has some fabulous programs in place and when more people come alongside us it only widens our reach.

There is a group of folks who bring communion to some of our members in area care centers and those who have limited mobility. They do that one time a month.

  • Two greeting card ministries are in place: “Thinking of You” and “Grief Support.” The intention of both of those efforts is to remind people that they are thought of and cared for by their fellow congregants at Zion.
  • Two times a year the team hosts a “Service of Prayer and Healing” which provides folks who have particular concerns to come and be prayed for individually in the safety of our sanctuary.
  • The Day Brighteners program, in conjunction with Children and Family Ministries, pairs Sunday school classes with an older adult in our congregation. They share photos of each other and provide some basic information about themselves as a way to get to know each other. Then a few times a year the kids make special crafts for their older adult that really brighten their day.
  • The Congregational Care Team also helps to host the Ice Cream and Pie Social that’s held every summer at our Marysville Church.

I’m sure there are other ways we could be connecting with care at Zion. Many of you give of yourselves in your own ways as an expression of Christ’s love for your neighbor; some of which we know about, others choose to keep it “under the radar.” Either way it’s all good. But if you have any ideas or see a need we haven’t identified we’re more than willing to expand what we do. Just let me (Jill) or any of our amazing staff know what you’re thinking.

Find a way to be a blessing to others.