Blessings and Buildings

Robson, Chanda, and Phillip

Five new children have come to live at the Village of Hope, our Global Mission partner in Zambia. Two of the children are brother and sister, Charles and Christine.

The other three are boys Robson, Chanda, and Phillip (pictured) who are unrelated to each other and have come from the worst compound in the country, where they were being recruited for a gang. The boys wanted to get out. Both the Village and the children will be blessed by each other.

Buildings continue to go up on the Village of Hope/School of Hope compound. The latest is the first dormitory (pictured, right), which will house Mission Teams and Hope College of Education students. Each dormitory has four bedrooms, with three bunk beds and a bathroom in each room, and can hold up to 24 people. The footers are dug for the second dormitory. Our own Zion to Zambia team will stay in the new dormitories during their January 2020 trip.

As of 2019 the Village of Hope and the School of Hope includes:

  • 110 kids in the Village
  • 80 students at Hope College of Education
  • 620 students at School of Hope
  • 50 tons of maize this harvest
  • 11 young people from the Village attending Bible college
  • 35 cows
  • 65 goats
  • 35 pigs
  • 150 egg layers
  • 600 fryers
  • 300 banana trees

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