Camper to Director

Growing up at Zion, Caley participated in nearly every available Zion children’s, youth, and music program at one time or another.

My fondest memory of church is being involved in so many different programs at Zion like Sunday school, Kids’ Club (now Zion Kids’ Place), and handbells… I always felt welcome and that I belonged. One of my earliest memories of Zion is portraying a cow in the Christmas pageant with my sister, Sam.

She is very close with her mom; twin sister, Sam; and grandparents, Terry & Susan Marsh, also members of Zion.

My sister has been an important part of my faith journey. We’ve grown up in almost the exact same way, but she has always been able to add a new perspective and challenge me in my beliefs. I have always enjoyed having someone who is strong in their faith that I completely trust that I can share my mountains and valleys of my faith journey.

I have always felt that Zion is a place where everyone belongs. Whatever your gifts are, you can come to Zion and use them to do great things in the name of God.

Caley graduated from Gustavus Adolphus college last year, and is finishing up her first year of teaching first grade at Oak View Elementary in Maple Grove.

I love teaching and feel blessed to have my dream job.

After three summers as assistant director of Zion Day Camp, Caley returns this year as ZDC director.

Zion Day Camp is a very special program at Zion. I was a camper at ZDC growing up, and enjoyed being involved at Zion in the summertime away from Sunday school. My faith was impacted by the ZDC counselors and I am grateful to all of the staff that have influenced my faith.

Some of my deepest insights into the Word of God have come while I was trying to figure out how to communicate it to children. An unexpected benefit of teaching children can offer a personal motivation for insight and creativity in our role as servants to children. For me, the most important motivation is to be vulnerable and sincere enough to help children toward faith.

We have the opportunity to spend an entire summer with these kids to share the love and word of God, build relationships, and play some really fun games while we’re at it!

Zion Day Camp