Candidate Nominations

Candidate Nominations

The nominating committee is accepting nominations for the following positions:

  • Church Council Members to serve for 3 years
  • Nominating Committee Members to serve 1-year terms
  • Zion Foundation Trustees to serve for 3 years
  • Adult Minneapolis Area Synod Voting Members to serve for 2 years.
  • Youth Minneapolis Area Synod Voting Member to serve for 1 year

Those interested in serving the congregation in one of these positions, please contact the church office or a member of the nominating committee (Bob Adams, Jodi Clifton-Block, Sheila Crawford, Joyce Dehmer, Karron Denk, Debbie Rude and Dianna Skeen).

Congregational Council Member

The twelve elected members of the Congregational Council meet monthly. The functions of the council are to lead the congregation in its mission and its long-range planning, listen to the congregation and review committee activities, provide overall direction and guidance for the congregation, monitor the church financial well being, discuss and act on major initiatives to ensure the overall well-being of the congregation.

Council members serve a three year term. Each member of the council serves as a liaison to a standing committee and is responsible for keeping the council abreast of their committee’s activities. Council members rotate Sunday morning duties which include baptismal support and communion duties. Council members are encouraged to listen to the church members comments and feedback and to share them at council meetings.

Nominating Committee Member

The Nominating Committee main function is to seek out qualified candidates to present to the congregation at the annual meeting. The committee is to have at least six members. Members of this committee are elected at the congregational annual meeting to a one year term. The committee typically meets 3-6 times throughout the year. They determine characteristics of good candidates, seek congregational input and nominees, and recruit candidates for the Church Council, the Zion Foundation, the Synod assembly and the Nominating Committee.

Foundation Committee Member

The six member Foundation Committee meets quarterly and is responsible to the distribution of the proceeds of the foundation funds. Committee members will coordinate the reception of requests for the funds available, discuss all the requests and determine the distribution of those funds within the legal requirements of the Foundation. Two members are elected annually to three year terms.

Synod Assembly Voting Member

The elected Synod Assembly Voting Members will attend and represent our congregation at the annual Minneapolis Area Synod Assembly (MASA) meeting held annually. Typically it is a two day assembly held in the spring where all MASA voting representatives will discuss and vote on various issues that are important to our synod. The number of voting members we can send may vary. Voting members to the Synod Assembly are elected to two year terms.