Teresa Sorenson

Teresa has been a part of the ELCA Lutheran community all her life. I grew up in a country church and I love all the simple memories…Luther League, potlucks in the basement, etc. Her parents inspired her faith. They lead by…

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Lenten Kindness

Josie believes that practicing some form of self-denial can offer a wonderful opportunity to deepen our relationship with Christ. “I’ve participated in forms of self-denial in the past during Lenten season, such as setting aside money to offer a donation, not eating certain foods or beverages…even giving up chocolate! During this Lenten season, I want to focus more on reaching out to others via random acts of kindness. Random for me will still require a bit of planning though! I will brainstorm a list of potential things I can do to have handy at the ready. I will also keep my heart and mind open to what God may be compelling me to do when an opportunity presents itself. The smallest thing done for someone else has the potential to turn around someone’s day. Although there is nothing that I could to do to compare with what Christ gave up for me, practicing self-denial provides me the opportunity to be mindful of His sacrifice and to do something that might honor His sacrifice and reflect on all of the blessings that I have in my life.”

You Won’t Get Bored

Jenn lives in Buffalo and is a single parent to Justin, Megan, and Hadyn, who were all baptized at Zion. Justin was confirmed at Zion in 2017. Jenn attended worship nearly every week as a child, and her mother, Sharon,…

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God is Real

Angie has been a member of Zion her whole life, and now attends alongside over 70 close family members. My ancestors were founders of Zion Lutheran Church in 1866.  Zion at the time was called Carlslund Lutheran Church. Zion is…

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Lora Nichols

Growing Up Together I’ve been a single mom for most of my life. I’m so proud of my kids and even though life has had its many challenges, I wouldn’t trade any of it for the world. I’ve worn two…

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