Jameson Wakefield

Jameson grew up attending Ostmark Lutheran Church, which is just south of Watkins. I think most of my faith comes from the New Testament and the books of the Apostles. It is a reminder that it is important to be…

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No More Excuses

Growing up in Wayzata, MN, my family was always active at St. Phillip the Deacon. My dad sang in the choir and my mom helped out on Altar Guild. The Davidson family of seven rarely missed a Sunday, and filled…

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Dementia Caregiving

To tell about myself and my faith journey is not easy, as there are many emotions that surface when I do. I was born in Charles City, Iowa, and when I was seven years old, my parents, sister and I…

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Kris Harlan

Kris was elected in December 2019 to serve on Zion’s council from 2020-2022. Other Council Members:


I became a member of Zion five years ago, when Roger retired from the ministry and we moved to Buffalo to be closer to our grandchildren. We were drawn here by the dedication and love shown by Zion’s members, staff,…

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