Steve sees value in celebrating and sharing Zion’s history, and has been asked to lead the planning for Zion’s 150th anniversary celebration. #ZionBuffalo

Celebrating History

Steve grew up in Zion and has roots reaching back to the beginnings of the congregation in 1866.

My parents were very active in the Zion church life, and it was the center of our family. Growing up, I attended Sunday school, VBS, confirmation, Bible camps, and Luther League activities. Various pastors have provided a solid foundation. Pastor Cornell, who was at Zion through my confirmation years, certainly helped provide me a solid faith foundation.

After high school, Steve attended college, married, and left the Buffalo area for a number of years. He has worked in the management of large warehouse facilities for the same company for nearly forty years, through name changes and acquisitions, currently Archway Marketing Services, located in Rogers.

In 1995, Steve and his wife, Kathy (a member of St Francis Xavier Catholic Church), moved back to Buffalo and built a home on the farm land where he grew up. At that time, Steve rejoined the Zion family.

Zion is my church home, and worshipping and fellowshipping with members is a constant and important part of my life. Zion provides so many opportunities to worship and serve God.

Steve enjoys spending family time with his children and grandchildren and feels fortunate to have many opportunities to participate in their busy lives.

I thank God every day for all the blessings that I have received and sometimes wonder why I am so blessed. I also enjoy being outside enjoying God’s beautiful creations, such as gardening, hunting, fishing, golfing, hiking, sightseeing etc.

Steve has been involved in many of Zion’s ministries.

I have enjoyed serving on various committees, some being stewardship, church council, global missions, capital funds and building committees. I believe I am relatively organized and have leadership skills. I would say I am a doer and enjoy being involved. The council provided a great avenue for understanding how Zion functions. My wife and I had the opportunity to go on a mission trip to Jamaica, which was a very rewarding and enlightening experience, and I encourage others, if they have the opportunity, to do a mission trip.

Steve sees value in celebrating and sharing Zion’s history, and has been asked to lead the planning for Zion’s 150th anniversary celebration in 2016.

It is good to see where we have been, to see how God has worked and sustained our congregation. It helps us to understand that throughout the generations Zion has continued to do God’s work and that we are ‘the current generation’ that can continue the journey.

I recall my parents being very involved in the 100th anniversary celebration and the enjoyment it brought them. I think it will be rewarding to look back at our beginnings and to see how God has provided guidance through the years. God has been with us throughout the journey and will continue to guide us.

An Anniversary Committee began meeting early this year and is planning a reunion weekend for August 2016, a Sunday celebration for November 2016, and to tell stories through highlighting different groups, ministries, and aspects of Zion’s history throughout the year.

In the first couple of anniversary committee planning meetings, I have seen so much enthusiasm from the group to highlight Zion’s journey, wanting to share the many stories that have and continue to be Zion’s foundation to do God’s work.

Committees, ministries, and individual volunteers within Zion will be encouraged to participate in the anniversary celebration.

We look forward to working with many members to enjoy this landmark time in our continuing journey.

Beyond Zion, one of Steve’s favorite community activities is the biennial Baby Animal Fair.

My family, along with neighbors and friends, have participated in all of the fairs. It is a wonderful event that brings the community together once every other year, sharing the story of Heifer International, which Zion has partnered with for many years.