I love to see the people at Wednesday suppers, eating and enjoying one another’s company and taking time to relax and reconnect with one another

Chef’s Choice

Angel grew up in Boscobel, Wisconsin, where her mom, Carolyn Howell, was a big influence on her faith life.

As kids, my brother and I were always involved in our local church back in Wisconsin. I loved going to Sugar Creek Bible Camp in Ferryville, Wisconsin, and going to Sunday school. My parents, both 72, are still very active in my hometown church and enjoy coming to Zion when they visit. My favorite song would have to be “You Gave Me A Mountain.” One of my absolute favorite versions is Elvis Presley’s.

She met Robb, an electrician, in 1994, and they have two children, KayLyn (13) and Evan (11). They moved to Buffalo when they purchased Robb’s family home in 2010.

Robb grew up in Buffalo and was very familiar with Zion. We attended a few Sunday services and knew we wanted to call Zion our home.

At Zion, Angel serves as a confirmation guide, and the whole family has helped with Trunk or Treat, SERVE Weekend, bake sales, and Vacation Bible School.

One fond memory is spending time with my daughter putting together meal packets for Truckload of Life last April. That was our first time volunteering for that event and it was amazing how much the congregation was able to accomplish.

Angel enjoys the sense of community, especially around events like Christmas Program and Trunk or Treat.

Both are so fun to watch and see the kids get so excited. I am amazed at the amount of good work that Zion and the congregation does to help the community.

Living her call means doing the best that she can with what she has to offer.

Life can sometimes be crazy busy, but always take time to reflect on the things that are most important and appreciating the sacrifices that God has made for us. I remember this saying from when I was in high school and it really stuck with me.

“Life does not always work out as we plan, but it always works out the way God knows is best for us”

After graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Stout in Menomonie in 1992, Angel moved to Minnesota taking her first  job working for a corporate catering company in downtown Minneapolis. For the past six years, she has been a food broker with Waypoint. She found that one thing she has to offer at Zion is her experience in the food industry.

I have always had a passion for cooking. Food has always brought people together. The Food Network is usually on TV in the background at our house. At any family gathering—the kitchen is always the main hangout area. Earlier this year, KayLyn started to show some interest in learning to cook and searching recipes on line. She now is responsible for dinner about 3-4 times a month which includes finding a recipe, putting together a grocery list, preparing dinner and even clean up!

This year, Angel is heading up the Chef’s Choice team for Wednesday Night Suppers. This new team creates and tests a new menu each time they serve.

I thought that the girls in my 7th grade confirmation group might share the same interest that my daughter has, and encouraged each of them to join my team. We have fun working in the kitchen, learning new skills, and I’m hoping that they all become more comfortable in their own kitchens to create meals for their families. I love to see the people at Wednesday suppers, eating and enjoying one another’s company and taking time to relax and reconnect with one another.

Angel encourages anyone to consider helping with a supper team. The commitment is just a few Wednesday evenings throughout the school year.

Just show up. It’s that easy. Karen Pearson, the WNS Coordinator, is so well organized that no matter what your skill level is—she can find place that you can be helpful.