The area I most enjoy about my job is counseling and teaching others about the estate planning arena.

Wanda Weber

Wanda was elected to Zion’s Church Council in December 2019 to serve from 2020-2022.

Gordon and I have been members of Zion 25 years– amazing how those years have flown by! We are empty-nesters but love that our kids all live relatively nearby. Cameron works downtown Minneapolis with U.S. Bank and lives in south Minneapolis. Erik lives and farms in western MN (north of Appleton where I grew up). Tori and Chad Peitz were married September 20th and now live back in Buffalo! Chad is a pilot and Tori works in marketing with Red Technologies (Buffalo), Central Counties Cooperative (Litchfield), and also assists at Weber Law Firm.

Besides enjoying time with the kids whenever possible, Gordon and I still love to travel– either road trips with our pickup camper or to any new location outside of the US as there is so much to see!
I continue to work as a solo practice attorney (Weber Law Firm) focusing in the areas of business law, estate planning, and real estate and office together with Gordon and his financial advisory practice.

The area I most enjoy about my job is counseling and teaching others about the estate planning arena. There are many misconceptions (having a will triggers probate, not having a will causes my estate to go to the state, probate is evil – OK, maybe that’s a bit strong!) and other misunderstandings and since every individual or couple’s situation varies, I love to personally discuss this and answer questions and explain options available to reach a person’s objectives. 

More Than a Church

I would describe Zion to a stranger as an inviting larger church with many, many offerings. It is a teaching church with Sunday morning messages that not only relate the Word to today’s life, but teach the context and history of the Word. It is a community of individuals who care not just for other members, but for those that are not members, attenders, or believers in Buffalo, in the US, and in the world. Zion is so much more than a church, it is a family for anyone who seeks one.

Serving at Zion

In past years, I tended to serve in areas at Zion that followed our children’s ages: the Christian Education Committee (as it was called at that time) and Sunday school when the kids were young, and then as a confirmation guide and on the Youth Committee when they were in those ages. I’ve also served on the council a couple times previously and have enjoyed the involvement and awareness of the church’s activities while serving. While working in the Sunday school office many years ago, each week we noticed the large number of cars that pulled up, dropped off the kids for Sunday school, and then came back to pick up the kids afterwards and conversation began about providing a service geared for these parents and children to attend together immediately before or after Sunday school, which eventually led to our 9:45am Family Express service.

The Gift of Grace

My favorite Bible verse is Ephesians 2:8:

“For by grace you have been saved through faith, and this is not your own doing, but a gift of God”

This verse so powerfully summarizes the very core of my beliefs, that my salvation is given to me as a believer, even though I could never earn it by my works. What an amazing gift … this gift of grace! That God cares for each of us and sent His son to die for every one of us in order that we have that everlasting life is more than any of us could ever deserve. Martin Luther finally found peace when he realized that the selling of indulgences to avoid the “clutches of Satan” was not necessary because of this gift of grace we have been given, through faith.

And then my favorite hymn is “Amazing Grace.” Both speak of the incredible gift God have given us– that we have eternal life in spite of our sinful selves. What a loving, generous, powerful gift! Every day I strive to earn that grace, every day I fall short of it. Thank you, God, for your grace in spite of me.

The Power of Family and Faith

Both of my parents have been the most inspirational in my faith and beliefs. Both carry out their faith and love of God and Jesus in their every act and word. I consider my Dad to be a Biblical scholar of sorts as he retains an impressive knowledge of the people, verses, and stories of the Bible. Remember the old Bible Trivia game? We were scared to play it with him! My mom is the epitome of humility and selflessness– always giving and putting others first in the most humble way possible. All their lives they have put church and family first.

We were members of a small, country church in western Minnesota, where we were related to almost everyone. Almost daily, I saw examples of caring for neighbors as the whole church would work together to help anyone in need. I appreciate our family’s personal involvement as it taught me that church is not only an hour on Sunday morning, but a way of life.
When we moved to Buffalo in 1994, I wanted to find a similar, small church environment like where I had grown up, but the only ELCA church in Buffalo was Zion. We soon met Pastors John and Ed, and joined, and ironically I now believe Zion’s large size is one of its best attributes. It allows for so many more programs and opportunities for people to connect than are available in a smaller church.

An interesting bit about the small country church that I grew up in north of Appleton was that the last of the congregation made the difficult decision to close its doors a little over 10 years ago. Around that time, my parents had moved off the farm and then joined a church nearby in Morris. Their new church family did not yet have a structure and were discussing building when my dad said he happened to know of a church building for sale. So they moved our old country church building 30 miles to Morris and have since even added on! It’s heartwarming to still be able to worship with my parents in the sanctuary of Good Shepherd!

God at Work in the World

I’ve been striving to be more intentional in watching for God at work in the world, listening for His voice, acknowledging His answered prayers. Recently a friend shared some ‘God moments’ that have occurred since losing her husband and I praise God that He has shown himself to her to bring her peace.

I’ve seen God’s hand in various situations in our family. Some may say it is coincidence, or strive to find an explanation, I choose to believe it is God speaking to us.

Choose Joy

I love the expression, ‘choose joy’, that we see a lot on t-shirts, signs, etc. Our attitudes affect not only those around us but our own mental and physical well-being. I choose to try to see the best in people and situations and find the good. It makes for a healthy outlook in life. And when I fall short, I can once again thank God for His amazing grace and gift of salvation.

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