Christmas and Year End Giving

Pastor Ted

Did you know that 40% of all charitable gifts given every year are given in November and December? There are some reasons for this.

For many people, one of their Christmas traditions includes financial gifts to organizations and institutions they appreciate. It is another way of celebrating the birth of the newborn Savior, Jesus Christ.

For some, this important season of giving is an opportunity to make up and/or catch up on the giving they intended to do during the year.
For others, part of their motivation for end of the year giving is for tax purposes. Gifts made on or before December 31 qualify as a charitable tax deduction in that year.

Keep in mind that Zion’s office will close at noon on Friday, December 30, and is not open on Saturday, December 31.

Zion’s General Fund, Building Fund, or the Zion Foundation are all great places for special Christmas and end of the year giving.

Gifts from Assets vs Gifts from Income

Our congregation is ready to receive gifts other than cash donations. It is estimated that 90% of all wealth is held in assets and only 10% of all wealth is income.

Our congregation can receive gifts of appreciated assets; donors can deduct the full market value at the time of the gift, not just the original investment cost. Pastor Ted has even heard of one Lutheran congregation that received a buffalo as a donation.

Typical appreciated assets that can be given to Zion as charitable gifts at Christmas, year end, or anytime are:


Publicly traded stock that is listed on one of the stock exchanges is perhaps the best type of gift because it is valued each and every day.

Shares in Mutual Funds

Same approach as stock.

Private Stock

Stock that is closely held in private companies by partners, family members.

Farmland and Real Estate

Land that has appreciated in value and has no encumbrances (mortgages or liens).

People have also given their congregation assets such as collectibles (artwork, coin and stamp collections), and commodities such as grain and livestock.

Typically, when we think of giving to Zion, we think of writing a check or giving cash. But there are other ways to give that may be very beneficial to both Zion and to you, the giver. If you would like to talk about this option, please contact me (Pastor Ted) and I would be glad to help you, or talk with your financial adviser about your wishes.

Please consider Zion and the great ministries happening here as a place for your Christmas and end of the year giving.

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