Updated Communion Cards

Communion Card

Attentive worshippers will notice that communion cards in the pews have been updated. Members and regular attenders are asked to complete a communion card each time they come to the table and it is hoped that the new design will make it easier to record your participation.

Why Fill Out Communion Cards?

There are a few reasons:

  • Zion’s constitution defines a voting member as a confirmed member who has “communed and made a contribution of record during the current or preceding year,” so we need a list of those that have communed to be able to determine voting members.
  • The synod requires us to report how many of our members communed each year.
  • It helps our pastors keep a handle on the spiritual health of our congregation.

Who Should Fill Out A Communion Card?

It is very helpful to the office staff and volunteers if you complete one card per household rather than a card for each individual. Having less total cards makes the task of alphabetizing and entering them into the computer easier.

What Do I Write On The Card?

The only piece of information that we use from the communion cards is the name or names. Please include the first names of all family members who are communing as well as the last name. Do not include young children who are receiving a blessing rather than communion.

Zion is a large church, and there may be another family with the same last name as you, or those doing data entry may not know all the members of your family. If we cannot tell which specific members of your family are indicated, we cannot record the information.

Can I Put My New Address On A Communion Card?

If you have a new address, phone number, email, prayer request, or other concern, please use the white welcome cards. Communion cards may not be processed for several weeks and an address change may not be noticed.