Council Update 2019.07


It’s about halfway through the year and since the council doesn’t meet in July, I figured I’d recap the activities of the council for the first half of the year.

The council approved nine goals for 2019 which help prioritize and guide our efforts. Probably the most important goal is the calling of a new Pastor of Congregational Life. The Call Committee has been meeting regularly and has received a list of candidates from the synod. They are now starting the interview process. Once the Call Committee finalizes a candidate, a congregational meeting will be held to affirm and call the candidate to Zion. The hope, depending on how the interviewing goes, is to hold the meeting and call the new pastor in late summer or early fall. Associated with the calling of the new pastor is a goal to revitalize the Social Ministry Committee and the Fellowship Committee, but this will wait until the new pastor is in place.

Another major goal for 2019 was the strengthening and expansion of the youth program (grades 6-12). The council formed a special task force lead by Ed Cox and they are currently submitting their recommendations to the Youth Board and eventually to the council. The plan is to implement the ideas this fall.

A third goal was to improve the communications between the council and the congregation and also the council and sub committees. That was the reason for the start of this article series. Other goals included the re-vitalization of the Cemetery Board, re-carpeting of the Sanctuary, and the creation or review and updating of five different policies.

Council approved two of the five policies in June. Every year the constitution requires a review of the church’s finances by an independent board of members. The council received the boards review (which showed no issues) and also approved their review procedures in June. Also, the council approved an Operational Ethics Policy, also known as a conflict of interest policy. Basically, the policy states that if a council member, committee member, or church staff knows of a possible or perceived conflict of interest, the person should make it known so that the affected parties can manage the issue.

The Cemetery Board has meet three times so far this year to discuss issues concerning both the Zion and Marysville cemeteries. Also, this summer, church members have been meeting every Tuesday night to make improvements at both cemeteries such as leveling graves, planting new grass, and cutting down brush and trees. The Cemetery Board approved the employment of Monticello Monuments to raise and level 15 gravestones at the Marysville Cemetery. This work is scheduled to be completed before August 1st. Please consider joining the group by contacting me at

Diane Paulu is leading the effort on flooring for the Sanctuary. She has meet with other members of the church to gather ideas, as well as representatives from flooring stores and church furniture suppliers. Please contact her at if you are interest in helping on this project.

Other accomplishments of the council include approval of a plan and money to repair the parking lot. The cracks are being seal coated, and when Highway 25 is re-surfaced later this summer the road between the two parking lots and a section of the south parking lot will be repaved. Next year, the entire parking lot will receive a seal coat and new striping.

Finally, at its last meeting, the council approved a donation of $15,000 over three years to Camp Wapogasset. The Zion youth ministry program has been using the camp for many years now for summer camp and the camp is currently raising funds to build a new meeting hall and dining facility. The council is also considering deepening our relationship with Camp Wapogasset by joining their board of directors and becoming a partner with the camp.