Council Update 2020.11


Council continues to analyze and refine the various options for the 2021 budget. At its September meeting, the council considered four different options and is currently reviewing five options for the 2021 budget. The options are:

  • Two full-time pastors, Pastor Dave continuing until a youth director is hired, and reduced targeted raises,
  • Two full-time pastors, Pastor Dave continuing until a youth director is hired, and full targeted raises,
  • Three full-time pastors, no youth director and no targeted raises,
  • Three full-time pastors, no youth director, and full targeted raises,
  • Three full-time pastors, and a youth director, and full targeted raises
Option 1Option 2Option 3Option 4Option 5
General Fund$948,644$954,894$965,383$983,693$1,044,884
Building Fund$166,008$166,008$166,008$166,008$166,008
Change from 2020-2.9%-2.3%-1.4%+0.1%+5.4%

At its August meeting the council authorized the hiring of a youth director and at its September meeting it voted that the congregation should decide at the annual meeting on December 6th if the call for a Pastor of Congregational Life should continue. At its upcoming November 18th meeting the council will vote on the two options which should be forwarded to the congregation for approval. One with two full time pastors and one with three.

By now you have probably heard the news that Pastor Suzi has taken another call to be the director of Camp Wapo and Ox Lake. Her last day in the office will be Wednesday, December 2. Her departure will not affect the budget for 2021. The council would like to thank Pastor Suzi for her hard work and dedication over the last four years and wish her success in her new position. The Executive Committee is exploring various options for interim staffing but have not made a final decision.

There are a number of possible major purchases facing the congregation in the near future which will be discussed at the annual meeting. The Cemetery Board is recommending that we purchase 3 acres surrounding the Zion cemetery to expand the cemetery. The owners have agreed to sell the land and a Wright County Planning and Zoning hearing is scheduled for December 10th. The cost would be $45,000 but the Cemetery Board has saved $15,000 which can be used towards the purchase leaving $30,000 to be paid by the General Fund or financed in some way. Also, the estimate for the upgrading and redesign of the Sanctuary is $77,000. The Memorial Committee has about $27,000 saved up for this project which means about $50,000 would still have to be paid. Finally, the Marysville Preservation Fund, which is managed separately from Zion and is dedicated to preserving the historic church, has offered to donate $5,000 towards the purchase of land for a parking lot. Zion may have to chip in a little more in order to purchase enough land for an adequate parking lot, but this is another possible major purchase in the near future.

Finally, plans are being made for the annual meeting on December 6th. There will be three options for attending the meeting: In person (with RSVP), participating from your car in the north parking lot, or online via Zoom. Look for the agenda and more information near the end of the November in the mail and at Informational meetings will be held on Monday, November 30 (online), Wednesday, December 2 (at Zion), and Thursday, December 3 (online) covering the main agenda items and any questions.

Council continues to seek your input and asks that you provide your thoughts and opinions on any topics in this article as well as any other concerns you may have by writing an email to the council at