Deb Rude

Deb has been involved with many ministries at Zion over the years, including VBS, Wednesday night suppers, Harvest of Hands, Second Sunday Greeters, Nominating Committee, and Prayer Sisters.

We are part of a faith family at Zion. As part of that family, I want to be more involved. Stewardship is more than giving your monetary offerings. We are all part of this church body, and each of us plays a role in the growth of our congregation, and also in continuing our own spiritual growth.

I enjoy greeting on Sundays as it is an opportunity to meet our fellow members and greet new guests. I love being involved with VBS, and really missed it this past summer. Anyone who has ever helped with that wonderful team and seen the message that those little ones take home, knows what I mean.

While we have had to adjust to life changes with COVID, I’m anxious for us to be able to worship together again. Everything that we do together here helps our faith to grow, whether it’s being in choir, handbells, VBS, greeting people, confirmation, etc., it’s all meant to grow our faith.

Deb and her three brothers grew up on a farm in Young America, and her parents greatly influenced her faith journey.

My parents led by example with our daily devotions, and being in and leading Bible studies. They were also very involved in our church, St. John’s Lutheran Church in Young America. Church and faith have always been a very important part of our family’s life.  I attended the Lutheran grade school, and graduated from Mayer Lutheran High School.  My parents also sacrificed so that we could attend those schools, but they realized the value it would have in our lives. I have many fond memories of church growing up, especially my teen years, as our youth group was very active. We couldn’t wait until we were old enough to join!  

Deb’s favorite Bible verse is Romans 2:8, also a favorite of her father’s:

“For by grace you have been saved through faith, and this is not of yourselves, it is the gift of God.”

My Dad was a Gideon. Part of that was that he did a jail ministry. Imagine hearing that verse if you thought all was lost? It pretty much says it all.

Deb went on to graduate from Lutheran Deaconess Hospital school of Nursing, which had a very Scandinavian background.

Being that my heritage is German, I had never heard the word ‘uffda’ until at Deaconess. I have learned a few other Scandinavian sayings since then, especially since marrying a Norwegian-Swede! I still prefer meatballs over lutefisk. 

Deb has been married to Keith for 48 years. They have lived in rural Buffalo for almost 43 years, and have been members of Zion since 1997. She was a Registered Nurse up until her retirement six years ago from Buffalo Hospital.

My favorite job currently is being a Nana. We have three daughters, (Karen, Kathy, and Becky) and five grandchildren. Kathy and her husband Shane Reding are also members of Zion along with their three daughters.

Deb was elected in December 2020 to serve on Zion’s council from 2021-2023.

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