Missy and Blayze

Delivering Connection

Missy was born in Romania, and grew up in a Romanian Orthodox family, although with limited organized church attendance.

My parents chose to allow me to determine my own faith as I grew up. I see God everywhere in nature. The beauty of a deer running through a field, the grace of a hummingbird, the intricate perfection of a snowflake.

Missy’s family came to the States in the 1980s, when she was 14. They lived in California, and then Missy came to Minnesota in 1998. She has been married for 21 years, and has a 20-yr old son (Sean), 16-yr old son (Danny), and 10-yr old daughter (Carli). She works as a server at Pittsburgh Blue in Maple Grove, and is a full-time student at St. Mary’s University, working towards a doctorate in Counseling Psychology. Her hobbies include a variety of pets and Animal Assisted Therapy.

I have a therapy dog, Blayze, and we visit kids affected by cancer at Children’s Hospital in Minneapolis. We have also visited nursing homes and schools. Seeing the smile of kids and family members when Blayze and I visit them gives me hope. These are kids who are battling leukemia and lymphoma, and some are losing those battles, yet a few moments with my sweet dog brings them joy.

Missy found Zion a few years ago and soon found ways to become part of the congregation.

My fondest memory is having my children baptized in Lake Pulaski. I love the fellowship at Zion. Everyone is wonderful, and sermons are relatable and inspirational. My daughter has been singing in Joy and SONShine choirs, and she has acted in various musicals.

One of the ways Missy serves at Zion is delivering Meals on Wheels, and she enjoys driving the same routes and getting to know the clients.

Delivering Meals on Wheels allows me to express my faith in the community. I believe it is important to maintain a connection with our neighbors, and to care for their wellbeing. I love the brief interaction with MOW clients. Additionally, my children love to deliver the meals.

Missy’s faith has been challenged by the unfairness of ill health, especially for children, but nurtured by healing when a knee injury that had been diagnosed to need surgical intervention was healed following intense praying from her sister-in-law, a minister in California.

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