Do Like Jesus

Brian grew up in a Lutheran church in a small town of 400 people.

I used to love the Christmas Eve service where we got to hold a lit candle while singing traditional Christmas hymns. The Christmas concert and VBS were also memorable. I seem to remember hearing that Zion hosts about 800 people for the annual Lutefisk supper. My hometown of 400 people in southern Minnesota serves over 800 to this day, with a peak of about 1100-1200 back in the 1990’s.

Brian and his family moved to Buffalo from Sauk Centre in 2006, and looked for a church where they could be actively involved.

My baseball coach at Waldorf College and the ministry director there were very enthusiastic about faith and were great role models for being an active member of your congregation and ministry groups. We checked out the area churches and Zion was a great fit. I’m a social guy and Zion provides plenty of social interaction and a strong feeling of community. It’s not just a place you come to for an hour a week.

He has been most involved with Children and Family Ministry at Zion.

Setting a good pattern of church involvement early on for kids builds a foundation for spiritual growth. I enjoy helping make Zion be a place that people want to get to know more about.

Brian currently serves on the Children and Family Ministry (CFM) Vision Team, which introduced a new CFM mission statement in January.

The CFM ministry here at Zion is working hard to establish a good foundation for kids and their families. There is always something new in the pipeline with this team that makes it exciting to be a part of.

I became involved simply because I was asked if I would be interested in being a part of the team. I became involved because I love working with/for kids and liked the opportunity to come up with new ideas and ways for kids to learn more about God.

The Mission/Vision committee opened my eyes to understanding the importance of ‘changing with the times’. To help our children come closer to God, we have to understand how they think and know what they are going through in their lives, which can be quite different (electronic gadgets galore) than when we were growing up.

Know God’s love. Invite others. Do like Jesus. Strengthen families.

Do like Jesus means ‘see the flowers, not the weeds’ (I hear this sometimes from my wife). To me, being like Jesus means being optimistic and focusing on the good in people and/or situations, rather than being pessimistic and negative. We should lead by encouraging the strengths we see in others. We don’t need to be able to preach like Jesus, but simply be a role model like Him.

I strive to be an example of God’s will by my actions and words, even if it is only giving a compliment to someone or doing a random act of kindness at times. Small kindnesses can affect people in a big way.

Brian works as a physician assistant in orthopedics, and his wife, Nicole, is a speech pathologist in the Buffalo-Hanover-Montrose school district. They have three children, Olivia (15), Samuel (13), and Jake (10). They enjoy hiking, traveling, and just about anything outdoors.