Ian MacCallum

Ian grew up in Apple Valley when it was all farm fields, and was a longtime member of Grace Lutheran Church.

My mother was very active with our church growing up and my father often spoke of his beliefs.

Ian moved to Buffalo when he married someone who had grown up in Buffalo. His family now includes two sons, Tucker (18) and Maxwell (16).

I’m blessed to have two great boys that make my parenting duties quite easy.

Ian’s favorite Bible verse is Luke 6:31.

Do to others as you would have them do to you.

Dad always said “Treat people like you want to be treated.”

Ian and his two sons are familiar to many worshippers as ushers with the Second Sunday Welcome Team. He finds support and comfort in Zion from the pastors and all the members, and has particularly loved serving as a chaperone on youth mission trips.

Zion is always there for you. I enjoy all that Zion has to offer for the youth groups.

After helping with a senior high winter retreat at Lake Wapogasset Bible Camp, Ian jumped at the chance to accompany the mission trip group to Milwaukee in 2017, and has become a regular parent volunteer with the Senior High Youth Group.

I knew the youth group was a great bunch, plus how can you say no to Pastor Suzi. It was a blast-with a great bunch of young adults. I really enjoyed how much pride the group put in their work and all the happy, tired faces at the end of the day. The ride to Milwaukee and back was non-stop laughter. They keep you young.

Throughout the trip, Ian learned a lot from the youth, watched moments of service and hard work, learned new games, and heard new insights about scripture and faith.  He learned a few unexpected things too … like (through the experience of a few of the boys) why one should not drink over 60oz of water right before the long drive home!

I believe that we were put here to help and support others, in ways big and small. Youth ministry is important because it gives youth something solid and constant to believe in and focus on.

Ian was elected to Zion’s council in December 2018 and will serve from 2019-2021.

Living God’s Call means to follow in the path and beliefs that God and Christ have made for us.

He is looking forward to getting more involved at Zion and learning from all that is offered.

Ian was elected in December 2018 to serve on Zion’s council from 2019-2021.

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