Julie and Parker at the Dream Center

Dream Center Mission

Parker and I went on a Mission Trip to the Dream Center in Los Angeles, California earlier this year.

Reflecting on our week, during our time waiting in the airport to come home, here are our top 13 memories:

13. Korea Town food distribution

12. Working with the Dream Center’s discipleship women and hearing their stories.

11. I watched Betty Jo, a homeless lady herself, help another homeless lady

10. Having Carlos, a homeless man on Skid Row, train and encourage us in how to serve the homeless

9. Praying for Willy on Skid Row

8. Helping do projects at the foster care house and hearing their stories

7. Playing with kids at KidsJAM

6. We met new friends

5. A homeless man in Hollywood took a picture with the Dream Center leaders, Parker, and himself

4. Johnny, our enthusiastic host who welcomed us to our meals at the Dream Center

3. Sunday’s church service was full of worship and praise to God and a great message on gratefulness

2. We learned we were transporting an ex-convict who had spent 24 years in prison

1. God orchestrated this mission trip from beginning to end. He answered every prayer.

Thank you, Lord, for an amazing week filled with many blessings. Praise, honor, and glory to You!