ELCA Disaster Response


Lutheran Disaster Response brings God’s hope, healing and renewal to people whose lives have been disrupted by disasters in the United States and around the world. When the dust settles and the headlines change, we stay to provide ongoing assistance to those in need.


Please pray for the people who have been affected by disasters. May God’s healing presence give them peace and hope in their time of need.


There are two ways to contribute financially to the ELCA’s response:

  • Give directly (and immediately) to Lutheran Disaster Response.
  • Give through Zion to use cash or a check, or to have your gift show up on your Zion giving statement. Write “Disaster Relief” on a pew envelope, or select Missions Donation > Lutheran Disaster Relief from the options on Zion’s giving page.

 Give Directly to Lutheran Disaster Response    Give Through Zion


Sharing is Outreach
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