People of faith are people of prayer.

Private Prayer Group

Prayer deepens our connection with our Heavenly Father and leads to spiritual power and action. In prayer we seek God, worship Him, humble ourselves before Him, and receive His wisdom. As we spend time with Him, our lives increasingly reflect Him to those around us.

We all need prayer, support and encouragement at times. Zion is committed to intercessory prayer—prayer on behalf of others and on behalf of the work of the church. Each week, staff pray for a segment of our members and worshiping friends. We encourage everyone who desires prayer on his or her behalf or on behalf of another, to use the resources on this page.

  • Members of the congregation who wish to be included in staff prayers or worship prayers or desire a pastoral visit can use a pew card or contact the church office.
  • Anyone actively involved at Zion can share prayer and praise requests with others in the congregation through Zion’s online prayer group.


Prayer Room

If you would like some quiet time for meditation and prayer consider Zion’s Prayer Room at the North end of the building near the first back entrance.

Prayer Chain

Zion’s prayer chain is made up of Christians with hearts for prayer who connect via a private Facebook Group. Members and active attenders are welcome to request access and post prayer requests directly to the congregation and prayer chain.

Online Resources

God Pause Daily Devotions are short, meaningful reflections on the following Sunday’s lessons and gospel delivered directly to your e-mail box.