Individual Mission Trips

Wright Mission Trip

Zion’s Global Mission Committee knows that there are many members of the congregation who participate in mission outreach efforts that may not be directly related to, or sponsored by, our congregation. As part of Zion’s commitment to share Christ’s word, strengthen faith and serve those in need, the committee feels it is important to encourage mission projects and participation at all levels of outreach, whether or not the projects are directly sponsored by Zion Lutheran.

Zion’s most visible commitments in the last few years have been to Redeemer Lutheran Church in North Minneapolis, All Kids Can Learn International in Zambia, Mission Jamaica, YouthWorks family mission trips, and Lutheran World Relief Fair Trade Coffee. These have been ambitious and successful projects that continue to garner prayerful and financial support from the congregation, but the Global Missions Committee wants to find ways to support other projects without diluting the success of current projects.

The Global Mission Committee may be able to offer resources to assist other projects in a number of ways:

Congregational Awareness

By notifying the Global Mission Committee of other mission trips and projects, we can communicate and celebrate these events through newsletter articles, bulletin announcements and special mission activities.


The committee can encourage prayerful support by the congregation—perhaps the most valuable part of any mission event.

Personal Contacts

The committee can direct you to Zion members who have global mission experience through participation in previous mission trips.

Handbook for Global Missions

A comprehensive guide to global missions has been prepared by the committee, and is available to anyone contemplating a mission experience.

Financial Support

The Global Mission Committee does not have a line-item in Zion’s regular budget. Projects are financed by contributions through the monthly designated offering envelopes, special contributions to the mission fund, and annual Lenten self-denial contributions. In addition, special fundraising efforts are understandably restricted, so as not to overwhelm the congregation with financial requests. Although it may be difficult to commit financially to a project, the committee does want to take requests and offer possible options on how best to finance a proposed mission project. One suggestion is to submit a proposal to the Zion Foundation for financial assistance. Another is to encourage mission participants to take advantage of the relationships they have developed within Zion to request financial and prayerful support without the request coming from the church. Others have found this to be a faith-building experience in itself.

The Global Mission Committee wants to celebrate, promote and encourage mission outreach regardless of the origin or primary sponsor of the project. Please include us in your mission plans and activities.

  • Dream Center Mission

    Dream Center MissionParker and I went on a Mission Trip to the Dream Center in Los Angeles, California earlier this year. Reflecting on our week, during our time waiting in the airport to come home, here are our top 13 memories: 13. Korea Town food distribution 12. Working with the Dream Center’s discipleship women and hearing their stories. 11. I watched Betty Jo, a homeless lady herself, help another homeless lady 10. Having Carlos, a homeless man on Skid Row, train and encourage us in how to serve the homeless 9. Praying for Willy on Skid Row 8. Helping ... more
  • Casas por Cristo

    Casas por CristoJason grew up as a member of Redeemer Evangelical Lutheran Church, a Missouri Synod congregation in St. Cloud. He and Julie married in 1994 and joined Our Father’s Lutheran Church in Rockford. We moved to Buffalo about 16 years ago and shortly after started looking for a new church home. The music, fellowship, and children’s ministries drew us to Zion. They now have three children, Parker (16), Quincy (14) and Ella (11). Jason enjoys assisting with communion, greeting, and ushering, and has served on the Stewardship and Finance committees. He and Julie ... more
  • Bunk Bed Project in Guatemala

    Bunk Bed Project in GuatemalaGuatemala is a beautiful country of contrast. The landscape is stunning, as if you’ve stepped onto a movie set in some places; ancient lakes lined with volcanoes; bright, vibrant colors of the gorgeous hand-woven ‘traje’ (typical clothing) worn by the locals; warm, genuine, beautiful people who touch your heart like no other can. Contrasted to this beauty is such overwhelming poverty it takes your breath away and shatters your heart. In August, our family was blessed with the opportunity to spend three weeks in Guatemala, during this time we brought down ... more
  • Social Justice Passion

    Social Justice PassionMarie is proud of her deep Lutheran roots. Her parents are Pastor Ted and Pastor Sara (also an ELCA Lutheran pastor, currently serving Buffalo Presbyterian Church). She also has a sister, Heidi, who is a senior at Gustavus College in St Peter, Minnesota. Family is one of the most important aspects of my life! My parents are my biggest supporters and encouragers both for my faith and my future as a post-college adult. I was always the first to arrive at church and the first to leave when I grew up. ... more
  • Dave’s Veterinary Mission

    Dave's Veterinary MissionDave Wright grew up in the Lutheran Church and says he has been blessed with supportive parents (Zion members John & Marie Wright) who continue to be an example of faithfulness to him. His hometown pastor, Charles Anderson, was also influential in his faith journey, making confirmation interesting and pertinent. Dave and Sue moved to Buffalo in 1980 and joining Zion was a natural decision, as they already had connections within the congregation. Wes and Mary Mahlberg were high school classmates; Pastor Ed Blair was from my hometown in Worthington; and Pastor ... more
  • Service Learning in Guatemala

    Service Learning in GuatemalaA longtime desire to participate in a service trip and an opportunity to share the experience with my daughter, Emily, prompted me to embark on a service learning trip to Guatemala in March.  We were part of a Vision Team with Common Hope and our group of 14 was made up of University of Minnesota students and family members. Common Hope, U.S. based in St. Paul, is a “multidisciplinary non-profit organization dedicated to helping Guatemalan families achieve a better life through programs in education, health care and housing.” Guatemala experienced a ... more
  • Kelsey in Malaysia

    Kelsey in MalaysiaKelsey Mackereth spent a year in Malaysia, serving with Young Adults In Global Missions through the ELCA from 2009-2010. My year of service was located in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia and served with the Girls Brigade (similar to Girl Scouts), Cheshire Home (a home for mentally and/or physically disabled), teaching at an orphanage, and assisting in a kindergarten. Kelsey also had the opportunity to join in a couple of cultural trips a little further from the area where she is staying. In May, she was able to join a group of other YAGM volunteers ... more