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The mission of All Kids Can Learn International (AKCLI) is to rescue and care for orphaned and vulnerable children, seeking economic sustainability, to the Glory of God through our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Village of Hope provides orphaned children with quality care, education, Christian discipleship training, vocational training, and employment settings in which to grow and thrive. At Village of Hope in Zambia, these children live in family households with Zambian ‘mothers.’ They attend school, learn basic skills, are discipled as followers of Jesus, and laugh and live in a place of love and caring.

  • Zambia Scholarships

    Zambia Scholarships
    It’s hard to believe it was just a year ago in January that the Zion mission team served in Zambia. The Zambia team had planned on sharing personal experiences and a video of the mission trip with the congregation in the spring of 2020. Unfortunately, the ongoing virus has prevented this in-person experience. The Global Mission Committee shared a video of the Village of Hope that was created by member Annie Moore.  Here you can learn more about this outreach and ...
  • Safe Arrival in Zambia

    Safe Arrival in Zambia
    We left Minnesota three weeks ago amid the beautiful colors of Minnesota in the fall. Driving across the US to MD we were in awe of the beauty that God has created. After a short time with children and grandchildren on the east coast, we were able to safely return to Zambia. As we drove up our country road (1/2 mile), the children and staff from the Village and staff from all departments were holding up welcome signs, waving and ...
  • Baking Loaves of Hope in Zambia

    Baking Loaves of Hope in Zambia
    The Village of Hope, Zion’s Global Mission partner in Zambia Africa, tries to develop well-equipped disciples of Jesus Christ. Children are trained in how to live a life centered in Jesus Christ, as well as practical life and business skills. COVID-19 and the worst drought in 40 years have conspired to threaten the food security of all of sub-Saharan Africa. The Village of Hope is being proactive in addressing the current challenges. Starting in January 2021, the Village is hoping to ...
  • Quarantine in Zambia and MN

    Quarantine in Zambia and MN
    The Village of Hope, our Global Mission partner in Zambia, Africa, is quarantined because of the coronavirus, just like we are in Minnesota. Their quarantine is similar in some ways and different in other ways to what we experience. Both in Minnesota and Zambia there is: Sheltering at home Physical distancing Schools are closed Churches are closed Organized sports have been suspended Only essential businesses are open The Village of Hope in Zambia has a unique set-up which allows differences in their ...
  • I Would Do It Again

    I Would Do It Again
    Near the end of the time we were in Zambia I was asked if the experience at the Village of Hope was what I had expected. My answer was that, in spite of the attempts of veteran team members to describe the journey, I really did not have a clear picture in my mind of the mission of the Village. So I guess I entered the experience with “let’s see what is going to happen” mentality. The picture became much ...

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