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The mission of All Kids Can Learn International (AKCLI) is to rescue and care for orphaned and vulnerable children, seeking economic sustainability, to the Glory of God through our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Village of Hope provides orphaned children with quality care, education, Christian discipleship training, vocational training, and employment settings in which to grow and thrive. At Village of Hope in Zambia, these children live in family households with Zambian ‘mothers.’ They attend school, learn basic skills, are discipled as followers of Jesus, and laugh and live in a place of love and caring.

  • Zion To Zambia 2020

    2017 Zambia team Is traveling to Africa on your bucket list? Do you want to meet amazing children and adults who call Zambia home? Do you have a desire to make the world feel a little smaller and help grow our partnership with All Kids Can Learn International? If you answered yes to any (or all) of these questions, then join us on our next adventure to Zambia in Mid-January of 2020. In the words of Kevin Bergquist from the 2017 trip: A mountaintop experience! To ... more
  • School of Hope Library FAQ

    Nora Jones at the School of Hope LibraryHow many people use it daily? It is used every day by 45 teachers and 650 students. During the college classes it is the work place for the students from the time classes end at 3:30 pm until 9pm. It is also kept open during the weekends of the college semesters, three weeks in April, August, and December. The first class of 19 college students was held in August of 2018. Besides using books, how else is the library used? There are about ... more
  • Collaborative Art

    Zambia Art ProjectLast August, a group from Zion went to the Village of Hope in Zambia to help build a library. While building the library was their main focus, they were also encouraged by others at the Village to use the gifts they had to leave a lasting impact. This ranged from things like spending time with kids, to milking cows, sewing projects and hosting teacher workshops. Carol Moore had an idea to use her gifts to work with team members and ... more
  • More Than a Library

    Zambia teamOne year ago this month a group of people that formed as a result of Zion’s Legacy Project ventured to Zambia with the purpose of helping to build a library. The library is now a reality and a first-of-its-kind facility in Zambia. It is utilized by the School of Hope, the Hope College of Education, the Village of Hope and local Zambian villages. The group that went on the library project trip maintains connections and has met several times since the ... more
  • Start Saving for Future Mission Trips

    The next two mission trips are already being planned. You can be a part of these exciting and fulfilling adventures. Mission Jamaica February 16-23, 2019 One week Approximate cost: $2200 Emphasis: Medical and building projects Village of Hope, Zambia, Africa Mid-January of 2020 15-16 days Approximate cost: $3500 Emphasis: Education and building projects For more information and to indicate an interest in going on either of these trips, please contact Pastor Suzi Orlopp or the church office. more

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