The Blessing Closet

A Gap ministry providing families in our community the opportunity to clothe their children.

I needed clothes and you clothed me….When did we see you a stranger and invite you in or needing clothes and clothe you? The King will reply ‘I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers, you did for Me’  Matthew 35:36

The Blessing Closet ministry is called to touch lives and demonstrate God’s love in a practical way by loving all people, illustrating the gift of giving, sharing the good news, welcoming those who seek, and serving others. This is one of many gap ministries in the Buffalo community that work in cooperation with Love INC-Big Woods, and involves many Zion members in being ‘the hands and feet of Jesus’ in our community.

This ministry collects, sorts, and distributes new and slightly used clothes, free of charge, to kids and their parents who are in need of help.  Everyone is welcome … no questions, requirements or limits.

  • Blessing Closet Managers

    Blessing ClosetWould you consider volunteering for a rotating shift as a Blessing Closet manager for one week every other month? The Blessing Closet manager will be responsible for overseeing the Blessing Closet building and managing volunteers to coordinate all the clothing tasks to keep the ministry functional to perform quarterly and emergency distributions. This ministry is seeking a professional to give direction and leadership toward the achievement of the vision and mission with a requirement to perform duties one week in every two month period. Specific responsibilities: Pick up phone requests and set up ... more
  • What a Difference a Year Makes

    planting seeds of our legacyYour Legacy Dollars at Work! Thank you Zion for your confidence in giving to these worthy projects! Read on to find out the great things that are happening. School of Hope Library The library structure is complete, and the inside is filled with shelves and books.  Over 650 K-12 students at the School of Hope are using the library for reading and research. The Hope College of Education will be using the library for teachers of Zambia to further their education starting in 2018.  The students and teachers of School of Hope have ... more
  • Blessing Closet Goals for 2018

    The Blessing Closet is a gap ministry that provides clothing for children in the Buffalo area.The first quarterly distribution of Zion’s Blessing Closet was in August of 2015.  To date we have served 1,700 families with 4,000 kids that received 57,000 items of clothing.  During these distributions, we were able to partner with other non-profits by giving away bikes, books, school supplies, coats, and holiday baskets. We have experienced tremendous support from Zion’s staff and congregation members with clothing donations, financial support to build a Blessing Closet storage facility, and many volunteer hours from over 72 volunteers. As we go forward in 2018, the goal is to ... more


Donations of suitable clothing items are accepted on Wednesdays 12-7pm at Zion.

  • All donations should be new or slightly used, clean and washed clothing
  • Donation receipts will be provided upon request.

Call 763.317.6052 to make an appointment for a larger donation.

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  • Receive donations
  • Sort, wash, mend, and store items at Zion.
  • Set up, greet guests, and ‘shop’ with the kids on distribution days.

Contact Roger & Sandy Brenny with questions.

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Upcoming Dates

June 26, 2018
Blessing Clothing Closet Sorting
July 29, 2018
School Supply Collection

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