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Meals on Wheels

Meals on Wheels provides volunteers to deliver nutritious meals to people in the community to help them live independently. Zion supports Meals on Wheels by providing four drivers each weekday of  June and November to deliver meals. We occasionally provide one driver in other months to help smaller congregations fill out the schedule.

Tips for Volunteer Drivers

  • Consider which days you can help and sign up online or at the information desk.
  • If you prefer a certain route, please specify that when you sign up.
  • If you’re unsure about delivery locations in Buffalo contact Sherilyn Burgdorf in the church office … we will find a time to do a “test drive” or find a partner for your first drive.
  • Be at Buffalo Community Center (206 Central Ave, across from the Post Office) at 11am on your delivery day. There’s always plenty of space to park in the lot behind the community center.
  • Delivery will take about an hour
  • Especially during the summer (June), this is a great family project with children/grandchildren.

Meals on Wheels Volunteers

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  • Meeting Community Needs

    Meeting Community Needs
    It is a privilege of the Zion’s Social Ministry Team to serve people that need help in our local communities and what could be a better time than during a national emergency, the COVID-19 pandemic? Volunteers stepped into action in many ways during the last few months and plan to do so in new ways in the summer months. A HUGE thank you to all the generous volunteers that have accomplished so much to help people in our local community. ...
  • Delivering Connection

    Delivering Connection
    Missy was born in Romania, and grew up in a Romanian Orthodox family, although with limited organized church attendance. My parents chose to allow me to determine my own faith as I grew up. I see God everywhere in nature. The beauty of a deer running through a field, the grace of a hummingbird, the intricate perfection of a snowflake. Missy’s family came to the States in the 1980s, when she was 14. They lived in California, and then Missy came ...