150 Years of Faith Stories

A Celebration of 150 Years of Faith Stories


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You may have grown up in Zion, or found Zion to be your church home later in life. Whatever connection you may have, your faith story is part of Zion’s story. God continues to work through Zion today, creating new faith stories.

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Anniversary books are still available direct from the publisher.

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Further Reading

The Augustana Ministerium: A
Study of the Careers of the 2,504 Pastors of the Augustana Evangelical Lutheran Synod/Church, 1850-1962 by Conrad Bergendoff, 1980 [PDF]

Centennial Pageant for Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church by Mr L. Clifford Peterson & Mrs Engvald Leiseth (grandchildren of founding member Bengt Persson), 1966 [PDF]

A Church Is Planted: The Story of the Lutheran Minnesota Conference, 1851-1876 by Emeroy Johnson, Minneapolis: Lutheran Minnesota Conference, 1948 [Buffalo Library]

Condensed History of Wright County, 1851-1935 by Clarence A French & Frank B Lamson, 1935 [Wright County Heritage Center]

Faith of Our Swedish Mothers and Fathers by Linda M. Mainquist, 2007 [ Minnesota Historical Society and Wright County Heritage Center ]

A Farmer All His Life by Linda M. Mainquist, 1952 [PDF | Minnesota Historical Society and Wright County Heritage Center]

The Fortified Hill by Eric Kudalis in the September/October 1992 issue of Architecture Minnesota [request PDF]

History of Wright County, Minnesota by Franklyn Curtiss-Wedge, 1915 [Volume 1 download or read online]

History of the Upper Mississippi Valley edited by Charles S. Bryant. [read online, starting at Wright County section]

Marysville Swedesburg Lutheran Church Inventory Form for the Minnesota National Register of Historic Properties, 1979 [PDF]

Minnesota Historical Society [website]

Minnesota-konferensens ava Augustana-Synoden och dess församlingers historia (History of the Minnesota Conference of the Augustana Synod) by Emil Lund, 1926 [Wright County Heritage Center]

Rev. J. S. Nilson obituary in the The Augustana Journal published May 2, 1904 by the Augustana Book Concern (page 12) [Google Books]

Wright County Historical Society, 2001 Highway 25 N, 763-682-7353 [website]

Wright County Journal Press (1931-present) and Buffalo Journal (1887-1931) local newspapers [microfilm at the Buffalo Public Library] [microfilm at Wright County Heritage Center]

Reunion Weekend August 12-15

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