Connecting with Care

Helping people experience the joy of life in Christ by Connecting with Care

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In Acts Chapter 2 we see a model for sharing life together as Christians. Developing meaningful relationships is very valued and desired at our congregation.

The goal of the Connecting with Care Initiative is to create a culture of community life in which people both learn and have the opportunity to share times of crisis and celebration with friends at Zion.

Meet others at Zion by attending large group events or finding other members online, or finding a small group where you can live out your faith journey together.

  • Come As You Are

    Come As You Are Can I share something with you? I miss seeing you at church on Sundays. Vacations, games, sickness, work, and weather keep us away from worship sometimes and I get that. Life happens. It’s when you don’t show up because of a walker, cast, or new bruise or bump on your face, that your absence hurts the most. You know why? Because I would hope that in church, among your church family, as a part of the body of Christ, we’d all come with that willingness to show up. Even if ... more
  • Ending Stigmatization

    Ending StigmatizationDawn was baptized at St Paul’s Lutheran Church in Litchfield, and came to Zion when she and Jay were married eleven years ago. She sees much of Zion’s strength as lying in Children and Family Ministries. Living in Colorado when her children were babies, Dawn belonged to a mission church, Redeemer Lutheran in Fort Collins. Working alongside other young families and Laborers For Christ was a remarkable experience contributing to my personal growth as a Christian. It was extraordinary to see God use each one of us with our respective gifts, rich ... more
  • Interim Pastoral Care

    Interim Pastoral CareWhen a pastor leaves the congregation, one of the most immediate needs is for pastoral care, including visiting those who are in the hospital, the homebound and those in care facilities. Pastoral care has been arranged for the next several months while key leaders begin to look at next steps for filling out Zion’s staffing needs. A team of people will be helping to provide this interim care. One of Zion’s former pastors, John Folkerds, will provide the majority of care and will be joined by Jill Davis, who had been ... more

Congregational Care

Any Zion member with a need (clothing, food, meals, housewares, household projects, transportation, etc.) is encouraged to contact the office. A member from the Congregational Care Team will respond to your request or we’ll connect you with the appropriate resource. All individuals making need requests will be kept confidential.