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Let the children come to me, and do not prevent them; for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as theseMatthew 19:14

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  • Sunday School 2017-2018

    Registration Register for 8:30 classes    Register for 10:30 classes    Register for Kids’ Place & Choirs Families are asked to make a $10 contribution per child for the year (with a $30 family max), to help cover curriculum, supplies, crafts and snacks. However, we don’t want this fee to be prohibitive, so please talk to our staff if a scholarship would be helpful. Volunteers & Childcare Parents are expected to find at least one way to volunteer throughout the year. Join our Sunday school ... more
  • Strengthen Families

    Strengthening Families means means behaving and living in a way consistent with God’s word and teachings and leading by example with my family, especially my kidsChad grew up in rural Wisconsin, where he attended a United Methodist Church. He married Carrie in 2001, and moved to Minnesota, living in Maple Grove for three years, and Buffalo since 2004. The person most instrumental in my faith journey has been my grandmother. Growing up, she was always there sitting right next to me every single service encouraging me to pay attention and pointing out small or subtle things during the sermon that I might not have otherwise known ... more
  • Do Like Jesus

    BrianBrian grew up in a Lutheran church in a small town of 400 people. I used to love the Christmas Eve service where we got to hold a lit candle while singing traditional Christmas hymns. The Christmas concert and VBS were also memorable. I seem to remember hearing that Zion hosts about 800 people for the annual Lutefisk supper. My hometown of 400 people in southern Minnesota serves over 800 to this day, with a peak of about 1100-1200 back in ... more

Grade 6-12

Confirmation (grade 6-8)
UpGrade Youth Group (grade 6-8)
Class Ring Handbells (grade 6-8)
Youth Group (grade 9-12)
Youth Choir (grade 6-12)
Friday Breakfast Crew (grade 9 and up)
TIM Team

Youth Ministry Calendar
Middle School Facebook Page
High School Facebook Page

Graduate Update


Vacation Bible School (age 3-grade 4)
Zion Day Camp (age 5-grade 5)
Bible Camp at Wapo (grade 2-12)
Summer Stretch (grade 4-8)
Soul Sisterhood (grade 1-5)


Kirsten Kelly
(birth-grade 5)

Pastor Suzi Orlopp
(grade 6-12)

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