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Let the children come to me, and do not prevent them; for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as theseMatthew 19:14

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  • Reflecting on the 2020 Youth Gala

    Reflecting on the 2020 Youth Gala Now that we have had some down time after the flurry of activity, we can finally reflect on this year’s Youth Gala. We are still in awe. We are so proud, amazed, and humbled by the entire event. We (Jess and Karie), as co-chairs of the Youth Gala for the last three years, have tried to learn from past events and learn new ways, but also to tip the triangle and take on the event 100%. This year we ... more
  • CYF Staff Changes

    CYF Staff Changes As spring is starting to bring changes to the Earth, Spring is also bringing changes to the staff in the Children’s ministry at Zion. We are sad to start our good-byes to Brianna Carlson and Jonathan Shun. Brianna has served as our family events coordinator and Sunday school coordinator since August 2019. When she joined us in the ministry at Zion she had also interviewed with a different company, who at the time did not have a ... more
  • Brianna Carlson

    Brianna Carlson Brianna started at Zion in August. She was originally hired as the Family Events Coordinator, a position which includes planning activities and organizing volunteers for events such as Z-Fest and Trunk or Treat. Since then, she has also started working with Zion Kid’s Place on Wednesday afternoons and has been coordinating the Sunday school program. Brianna has learned that everyone at Zion is willing to lend a helping hand. There are so many people who have been volunteering here for ... more

Birth to Grade 5


Vacation Bible School (age 3-grade 4)
Zion Day Camp (age 5-grade 5)
Bible Camp at Wapo (grade 2-12)
Summer Stretch (grade 4-8)


Pastor Suzi Orlopp
Brianna Carlson (Sunday school)
Jonathan Shun (GIFT)