Wednesday Transportation

Zion encourages families to make use of the bus option on Wednesdays. Elementary choir/handbells  and Kids’ Place childcare schedules are arranged to make this the safest option for children and the easiest option for families. Even students who are afternoon crossing guards at Parkside and Discovery should be able to catch the bus. Since this is a rental bus the driver can wait a few extra minutes before leaving the school.

  • A bus will be rented by Zion for elementary students every week.
  • Children will be permitted to ride the shuttle (2:20pm) from Tatanka and St. Francis Xavier to Discovery/Parkside, arriving in time to take the rented bus that comes from Northwinds and travels to Discovery/Parkside, then on to Zion. Students who ride the shuttle may need a bus company alternate destination bus for the shuttle.
  • The rental bus will transport all students from Discovery/Parkside directly to Zion. At Discovery/Parkside the bus will park on the Discovery side of 2nd Ave NE, parking near the southeast corner of Discovery (across the street from the Assembly of God church). Watch for the “ZION” sign in the bus window. Bus numbers may change, but the sign will always be present. The bus location should be very close to the parking area for shuttle busses.
  • Vision Transportation (the local bus company) does not require an alternate destination form for the Zion bus. Please fill in Zion’s permission form. Zion will keep record of who is riding the bus, not the bus company.

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Costs and Funding

The bus cost is $60 per child ($120 max per family) for the year’s worth of bus … a great bargain at today’s gas prices!

This increased fee is due to having a lack of bus funds in previous years. If after January 1, we do not have enough money to cover the yearly cost of the bus, each family that utilized the transportation service will be assessed an extra fee (total amount due divided by the number of families).

Make a Payment

Keep in mind that we don’t want cost to deter your child from attending any of Zion’s after school programs. If you are in need of financial assistance please contact  Sherilyn as scholarships may be made available.

Teacher Permission Slips

Those who ride the bus are also asked to bring a teacher permission slip with them to school each Wednesday.