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At UpGrade, students talk openly about life and ask questions that are real and relevant, while being engaged with others over food, fun and fellowship.

  • Top 10 Things We’ve Learned …

    UpGrade… About Middle Schoolers They want to be respected as people. They are coming into their own, and they want to be able to have their own opinions and ideas. They want to be heard and validated. They are incredibly bright and like when we ask them questions. At their young age, they are beginners at most things. Therefore, they feel a huge sense of pride when their expertise is requested. They will do almost anything as long as their friends are doing it. Studies have shown that the reward center of a teen’s brain ... more
  • UpGrade at Zion

    UpGrade, in my eyes, is like youth group but for middle school kids. They, more than anyone, need a place to go where they can feel comfortable and safe.At Zion Lutheran Church, in Buffalo, Minnesota, like many churches, there are programs for those young elementary students like Vacation Bible School and Sunday School and for High School Students there are Mission Trips and weekly Youth Group. What about those always forgotten Middle School students? Often the middle school aged students are all but forgotten, and we all know very well how hard the transition is during middle school. The kids need someone during this period more than ever and who better to jump into these kids lives than ... more
  • UpGrade Starts Fall 2014

    Volunteer leaders Holly Husom and Tammy Zumbusch know middle schoolers and are excited to take this journey with you and your studentParents introduce their children to things in hopes they find an interest. They drive them to dance, attend games, carpool to practices and sit through those “wonderful” recitals and concerts. They do these  things in hope that a spark ignites, and the child will find confidence and identity, gain life skills and find something they can be passionate about. Parents spend countless hours investing in their children’s worldly future. Imagine a world in which parents spent equally as many hours investing in each child’s faith. Zion is kicking off UpGrade, a ... more

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