Wapogasset Bible Camp

Camp is a formative, life-changing week and many kids come back “on-fire” in their faith!

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Students who have completed grades 2 -12 are encouraged to attend camp with Zion each summer. Zion teams up with Lake Wapogassett Lutheran Bible Camp in Amery, Wisconsin, to offer a superb summer camping experience where fun and faith collide while campers encounter God’s word, make friends and create memories to last a lifetime. Zion staff is present the entire camp experience to connect with kids on a regular basis.

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August 11, 2019

Camp Wapo

Pr Suzi
Camp Wapo

Zion has a long tradition of going to camp at Camp Wapo and Ox Lake. This summer we will once again participate in a variety of camps. For the first time, 1st graders are now welcome to register and attend SEEDs camp weekend. Last summer Zion sent 45 kids to SEEDs weekend and offered many their first taste of summer camp. 

We will once again divide our youth camp into youth camp at Wapo and youth camp at Ox Lake. Last summer we sent almost 70 youth to youth camp at wapo and 45 to youth camp at Ox Lake. Moving the 7th and 8th graders to Ox Lake opened up over 30 spots for more campers at Wapo. Camp Wapo and Ox Lake each offer different programs built to suit the different groups. Some exciting news for the Ox Lake campers, by the summer 2019 all cabins will have electricity and maybe even air conditioning. 
We also are excited to offer another week for youth to go to camp. We know our traditional week does not work for all schedules so we have opened up a few spots during a week in August. We are still working out what/when Zion staff will be at Wapo that week but it will be the same amazing program Wapo offers every other week of the summer. 

Senior high camp will once again be based out of Ox Lake and offering new adventures to those who have been to camp for many years.
  • July 5-7 SEEDs camp weekend for current 1st to 3rd graders
  • July 7-12 Youth Camp at Wapo for current 4th to 6th graders
  • July 7-12 Youth Camp at Ox Lake for current 7th to 8th graders
  • July 7-12 Senior High Camp at Ox Lake for current 9th to 12th graders
  • August 11-16 Youth Camp at Wapo for current 4th to 8th graders 

The Zion Foundation is once again excited to offer a financial gift to help offset the cost of camp. To quality for the Zion Foundation gift you must use the Zion link listed above.

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  • Together: Created for Community

    Together: Created for CommunityOh what a time we had at Camp Wapo and Ox Lake this year! Over 180 campers and Zion staff spent a week, weekend, or day at camp this year. This is our biggest numbers to date! We also learned from the director that Zion sent the most campers from any one church this summer; now ... more