Zion has become my extended family because my kids and grand-kids live elsewhere. #ZionBuffalo

Extended Family

Jane is a lifelong member of Zion, as were her parents and grandparents.

She grew up on the family dairy farm, married Roger, and has three children who are now in their 40s. Roger passed away 13 years ago. Jane has worked seasonally at Dan and Jerry’s Greenhouse since then.

Jane’s mother was Zion’s choir director and organist, and her father served as Zion’s treasurer for many years.

Her confirmation verse was 2 Timothy 2:15:

Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a workman who has no need to be ashamed, rightly handling the word of truth.

Like many mothers of the time, Jane’s sewed clothing for the family. Jane remembers that her first store-bought dress was purchased at Ben Franklin when she was 15, and she didn’t like it. Jane also learned to sew, and now enjoys making quilts at home, some of which have been auctioned by Zion’s Harvest of Hands to raise money for hunger.

I’ve made 8 or 10 quilts for Harvest of Hands … some good, some not so good! Harvest of Hands is another way to give of ourselves and serve God.

Leading up to the event, she helps organize donated treasures in the White Elephant rooms, and, of course, she shops at Harvest of Hands too. Last year she was pleased to find a pretty sweater with a Nordic design (she is of Swedish heritage) for $3, and didn’t mind a bit that it was really made in Hong Kong.

Jane has seen many transformations of Zion’s building over the years and loves the energy of the congregation. She enjoys seeing so many kids involved.

Zion has become my extended family because my kids and grand-kids live elsewhere.

She feels cared for at Zion, and would like to find ways to better help and care for older single adults and those who are not as active and cannot get to church.

Jane is a regular office volunteer at Zion, but often spends the time in the sanctuary rather than behind a desk.

I do spend time in the sanctuary straightening and replacing where needed. It’s welcoming to me to see it neat and in order.

Once a month she is also part of the crew who prepares the monthly newsletter.

The newsletter crew is a fun group. I’ve been helping for about five years. It’s a time to help and to talk to those around me. I do the final count and box for the post office.

Jane also serves with the Altar Guild, ushers, and helps in the kitchen for funerals. In what is left of her spare time, she likes to read and meet with friends.