Faith Intertwined

I grew up on a small dairy farm in southwestern Minnesota. My parents were very active in a country Missouri Synod congregation. Sunday services were not missed, so it became a very basic part of my life.

I graduated from Echo High School and Gustavus Adolphus College. I married my first wife, Lavine in 1957 and had 2 children, Mark and Amy. We spent some time in the United States Army Signal Corps and then taught in Evansville, Starbuck, and finally Buffalo. I finished my advanced degree from MacPhail College of Music and the University of Minnesota. I taught instrumental music my entire career.

Zion became our church home as soon as we settled in our home in Buffalo. The activities were there for our children. We have found that church and faith are so much more intertwined when you become involved and put something into your church. Zion’s Senior Choir has been a large part of our involvement in church life. My two terms on the church council and as chair of the congregation have been great experiences.

Marlene and I have been married for 18 wonderful years. Our spouses both died of cancer about 8 months apart. We decided to marry, and have had a wonderful marriage and active life at Zion. Zion was such a comfort during the loss of our spouses. Pastors and fellow parishioners were there for both of us. What a blessing to have the support and love of fellow Christians and faith in Christ as a part of our lives.

During our life together we have done traveling abroad and in the U.S. I spent 16 years on the Board of Education in District 877 along with serving as Board Chair for several years. Marlene was busy playing the organ and working at school.

Going to church is a must for us as a couple. Not going is not really an option in most cases. We always take something with us from the church service, especially if we put some thought and effort in. Zion has been our family and support. What a great fortune for us to have.

My Bible study group, “Men Seeking Wisdom,” has been exactly that. Seven of us have been together for many years. We are a very energetic group of men always seeking something new to learn from scripture and also from one another. Thank you, Dale, Sam, Len, Bob, Howard, and John for helping me to always be seeking wisdom when we are together.

Thank you Zion for being an integral part of the worship life of Marlene and myself.

Sharing is Outreach
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