Feels Like Home

Pam has fond memories of the small town Lutheran church in which she was raised, including AWANAs, youth events, Christmas caroling, and gatherings at her youth pastor’s home.

I also was able to go to Bible camp during my junior high years. Bible camp was such a memorable time for me. It was then that I learned how important it was for me to keep Christ in the center of my life.  I loved how I felt when I would come home from camp. I was filled with so much faith, goodness and love.

She was inspired by her grandmother.

Many times I say I want to be just like her.  Every day, she would read the bible, her devotions and live a wholesome, caring and spiritual life.  She was raised speaking German so it was even the German Bible that she read all throughout her life – so amazing to me. Sometimes she would tell us things in German and then provide the translation. She was, and still is, someone I look up to even though she is now in heaven.

Her favorite hymn is Here I Am Lord.

You’ll see me with a Kleenex every time I hear it!  This song is so powerful and reminds of loved ones who have passed. It also reminds me that God is with us no matter what.

When Pam moved to the Buffalo area in 2006, she looked for a church that felt like “home” for her, and found it at Zion.

Zion is a great community and one that feels like home. I have always enjoyed the traditional worship service (and still do). Every time we are there I feel like I get to know more and more people. There are so many opportunities to volunteer and become involved.  I have enjoyed being a part of the prayer sister group, supporting the Personnel Committee and now teaching Sunday school and being a part of the Children and Family Ministry Committee too. I am able to serve my church in many ways and that is very special to me.

Pam married Dan in 2007, just before she was deployed to Iraq with the National Guard. They have now been married for nine years, and have two children, Adam (7) and Eli (5). Pam works as a human resource manager and enjoys reading, crocheting, knitting, crafting, being outside, and family time.

Pam lives out Zion’s mission to in the workplace through her actions and helping others live a good life.

Overall the mission to me means that my life and my family’s life is best when it revolves around being true followers of Christ. Be kind, be true, be you.

Pam was unsure about volunteering at Zion at first.

I was pretty shy. I would go to church, have some coffee and donuts with my family and go home.

Because of her HR background, Pam was asked to serve on the Personnel Committee, and then got involved with Children and Family Ministry.

As Dan and I now have our own family, we appreciate Zion even more for the growth and opportunities provided through the children’s ministry. My children are young and I want them to be raised in a faith-based setting. I want my them to be involved and, if I am involved, it will hopefully be instilled in them to become involved as well. I also want to help make a difference in my church just as I try to do in my employment as well.   But the more I got to know people, the more I enjoyed getting involved and helping.

The one thing people should know about Zion’s ministry is how much everyone cares; the staff and the volunteers.  I’m new to the CFM team but have appreciated their infectious desire to make this ministry great. Kirsten, Marsha and Kristin are rock stars! There is so much time and energy put into the ministry to make it fun for every age. Everyone’s passion to make this ministry great creates a wonderful foundation for the children. This year I am teaching 4th grade Sunday school and if I can reach out and share faith stories with them, I hope they too take interest in being involved. As the CFM team says, we are making ripples!

Pam is enjoying watching her children grow in their faith. They inspire her to both keep teaching them to live a faith-based life, and to keep doing so herself.

When we get in the car and they ask questions, or they carry out their faith at home, I see first-hand how wonderful it is that they are learning such valuable lessons as they grow.

We make sure to say our tables prayers and bedtime prayers every night.  Whenever we hear sirens (firetrucks, ambulance, police, etc.) we always say “God Bless” so that we provide everyone involved with a little blessing to keep them all safe and in God’s arms.  Our youngest son, Eli, will ask us to repeat after him for a special prayer after we say our bedtime prayers.  It may be something simple, like praying for a good night’s sleep, but I can see how much church has impacted him and his decisions.  I just love hearing him start each of his prayers with “God Lord Jesus.”  It’s so cute. Adam is now in 2nd grade this year and he received his new Bible.  He is very interested in reading it and has told me “this is a pretty cool book mom!”  Making ripples!

I want them to seek out opportunities that get them interested and excited about living God’s word.  Last year, in church, Kirsten was sharing a slideshow about Bible camp and Adam looked at me and said “mom, can I go?” That melted my heart.  At the time he was a first grader so I told him he has to wait one more year but I promised him he could go every year. His smile and excitement was priceless.

Pam’s favorite Bible verse is Matthew 6:33, which reminds her not to worry

But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.

There is so much in life that we can get caught up in and think that it is of great importance but we need to remember that God has given us an opportunity let go of these worries and He will provide us with what we need.