Forgiveness and Acceptance

Tom works as a graphic artist at Tolomatic, Inc. in Hamel, MN. He is married to Karen and has two sons, Taylor (a student at North Hennepin Community College), and Dan (a senior at Buffalo High School).

Tom describes himself as “closer to 60 than 50, but when averaged against my emotional maturity my age is like 29.” He is good at creating posters and other literature, and has had a lot of photography experience. “I’ve been a graphic artist since 1977. I used to keyline, and hand draw in pen and ink. Now everything is done on the computer. I kind of miss drawing.”

Connie and Vern Wahlstrom lead the Moline Family to Zion 19 years ago when they moved to the Buffalo area. “Both our children were baptized here and it was through them and my involvement with Sunday School that I really began to mature in my faith life. Listening to KTIS, preparing for the lessons and answering my children’s questions about God made praising the Lord a daily activity.”

After 9/11, Tom made a conscious choice to try to make the world a better place, and bolstered his activities in Scouts and church. He served as a small group leader for confirmation, and became a member of the Stewardship Committee.

Last year Tom was returning to the tent from a morning of deer hunting when he received a message that Pastor Ted wanted to talk to him. He agreed to serve on the Church Council because he was asked and because he saw it as an opportunity to grow and serve. “I may not be the best organized, smartest or most spiritual, but I am willing and make it a point to be available.”

Tom has found getting to know other council members to be the most rewarding part of the serving on the Church Council.

“These people are so supportive and friendly. As part of stewardship I have made various announcements throughout the years. I used to get SO nervous. After doing a bad job more than once – and still getting encouragement from the congregation – I began to realize that forgiveness and acceptance are THE words that describe this congregation.”

One of the duties of council members is to count the offerings each Sunday. “I am constantly surprised by the generosity of the congregation. But, it should not surprise me. After all, these people are trying their best to be like God, and God is generous beyond our understanding.

Beyond the walls of Zion, Tom likes to keep physically fit and enjoys fishing, hunting and other outdoor activities. In the past he was involved in Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts in Montrose, and at one time was a dog trainer and president of St. Paul Dog Training Club.

Tom is looking forward to being part of Zion’s All-Ages mission trip to Duluth in July.